Life as a Digital employee: unveiling the truth!

What does working life look like for digital employees? Thanks to our 2023 Digital Salary Survey, we asked employees working in the digital industry to share their thoughts on flexible working, returning to the office, perks and benefits and much more.

Let’s see what we found out…

Are Digital employees mainly working in the office, on a hybrid basis or fully remote?

  • 43% are working fully remotely
  • 52% are working on a hybrid basis
  • Only 5% are working in the office full time

It is great to see that the digital industry is fully accommodating of flexible working – whether that be working fully remotely or in a hybrid capacity. It is clear that, for the digital industry, this is a very successful way of working and will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

What perks would employees give up to secure a higher salary?

  • 69% said employee discounts such as free gym memberships and food
  • 37% said private health care
  • 21% said they would not give up their benefits

As you can see from the results, a large majority of people would give up perks such as free gym memberships and food. This could be because these types of perks don’t always appeal to everyone, with many people holding them at higher value than others.

What would encourage employees to return to the office?

  • 41% chose socialising
  • 35% chose childcare subsidies
  • 37% wouldn’t return to the office

It is interesting to see that a large number of people would return to the office to get more social interaction. This could mean that they feel lonely when working from home.

It is unsurprising to see that 35% of people would return if they had financial support with their childcare. As childcare costs are so high, it can be difficult for parents to choose between going to work and paying the costs or staying home with the children.

An impressive 37% of digital workers are unwilling to sacrifice their home or remote working options, regardless of the advantages. This indicates that flexible work arrangements have become essential in their everyday lives and are no longer considered a privilege, but a necessity.

How does your company support mental health, wellbeing, and work-life balance?

  • 75% said flexible working
  • 48% said realistic workload
  • 27% said free annual-leave days (such as Birthdays etc)

If it wasn’t clear already that digital professionals prioritise flexible working – then it is now! We are happy to see that digital employers are providing the flexibility that their teams crave, as well as offering reasonable workloads and more annual leave days to prevent burnout.

Finally, we asked respondents to rate their job satisfaction out of ten…

With an average rating of 7.2 out of 10, this year’s score shows a slight increase in job satisfaction compared to last year’s score of 7/10. An increase is still an increase – even if it’s a tiny one!

It is likely that this slight rise is due to increased workplace flexibility and the benefits that are being provided. We hope to see this continue to rise in years to come – but you will have to stay tuned for next year’s survey to find out!

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