Digital Recruitment - Talent attraction & Retention

Digital Recruitment: Talent attraction & retention methods in 2023

In the world of digital recruitment, winning the best talent is a whole new ball game. Furthermore, keeping your team engaged is an ongoing project. The concept of the ‘perfect role’, if there ever was such a thing, has changed for many people. It’s not about chasing perfection. Candidates want a role that fits with their life outside of work, a competitive salary and benefits that add real value to them.

So, we wanted to use our annual digital salary survey & insights report to find out what leadership teams are doing to attract and retain talent. Are new methods coming to the forefront or are employers using tried and tested means? Here’s what they had to say…

Talent attraction in digital recruitment

When the time comes to advertise a new role, hiring managers must strategise and plan carefully so that they are left with the very best people for the job. Here’s what our respondents had to say when asked what key talent attraction methods they will be using in 2023.

Top talent attraction methods

Within the digital world, it seems the most popular choice is to focus on the employer brand first. Without this in place, the recruitment strategy will never truly feel streamlined. In a world of remote workers, it also seems digital leaders will hire outside of the usual HQ location. This is absolutely a key way to identify talent you hadn’t seen before.

The next two options go hand in hand. Employers want to shorten the recruitment process to keep talent engaged, so what better way than to start online interviews right away?

Retaining employees in digital companies

As always, attracting staff is only half the battle. If your employees realise there is something more rewarding out there, can you really stop them from going for a new role? To see what employers thought, we asked them to share methods they feel will strengthen their employee retention strategies.

Methods to retain digital talent

Digital leaders believe that their team are looking for clear progression opportunities. Is this something that is discussed frequently in your company? If not, it’s time to start finding out the ambitions of your team…because they probably involve career growth! What is most interesting is that there is no mention of reassessing salary or salary discussions. This was in fact an option we provided to our respondents, though it did not reach the top 5 displayed above. When we discussed what candidates expect from the digital recruitment process, salary negotiations and high salaries were key talking points. It looks like leaders will have to start having these conversations too!

Employee well-being is an important aspect of management, so it is nice to see digital leaders ranking it highly. In third place, we can see they also want to encourage a better work-life balance. However, there were not as many respondents who indicated that they would offer more flexible or hybrid working. This would definitely be a key benefit when striving to help employees with their work-life balance.

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For even more insights, download a free copy of the 2023 digital salary survey & insights report. If you are hiring for your team, the report will help you understand the people in the industry better. So, you can position yourself as a great company to work with. Our team can also help – submit a vacancy today and we will be in touch to discuss!