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Client Services

Our digital recruitment approach is guaranteed to match you to best digital talent for your business

Hire the best digital professionals and supercharge your team

Client Services is a value add service. We seek to understand the many intricacies of any organisation we work with; not only the technologies and practices they employ, but the type of person they look for – we will get to grips with the personality of our clients.

Integrated within CS are a variety of add on services; first and foremost we fill vacancies with our clients; we don’t select candidates who we think can do the job, but candidates whose ambition, personality and strengths will fit the profile of our clients, and who will therefore thrive and grow with them in the long term.

Another key element of this service is our desire to build long term partnerships with our clients, and not being a typical ‘smash and grab’ agency. We will help with ‘benchmarking’ for new positions, using our day to day knowledge of the market. We will educate  new managers in how to best conduct the recruitment process in an efficient manner, and will always be available to offer advice.

To summarise, we act not as an agency but as a consultancy to our clients, adding value in every possible area.

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