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The Digital Industry: Are leaders and employees on the same page?

The digital industry is broad and ever-growing. This means there are more digital teams working on key projects and campaigns. Are their leaders aligned with them to ensure a cohesive working relationship?

We have used our 2023 Digital Salary Survey to really delve into the working lives of digital professionals. First, we discussed digital leaders followed by the employees in digital teams. Now, we want to see if they are on the same page in this exclusive conclusion!

Are professionals satisfied within the digital industry?

Job satisfaction is so important. It makes a huge difference to productivity, happiness and collaboration within a business. In our questionnaire, we asked respondents to to rank their satisfaction with their current role out of 10. Is one group happier than the other?

Job satisfaction in digital

As we can see, both employees and leadership teams are about the same when it comes to job satisfaction score.

While it would be great to see an overall higher average for both groups, it’s good to see that employees are not weighed down by the workloads set for them.

Furthermore, it shows a great synergy within the industry. With the scores increasing from last year too, it seems things are heading in the right direction!


Hybrid working – is it fairly distributed between leaders and employees?

With hybrid working becoming the norm, are leadership teams and their employees all making the most of this flexibility? Here is how each group is currently working…

Working situation in the digital industry

Once again, there seems to be an even and fair approach here. While very few of our respondents said they are in the office full time, there is a greater number of people who are hybrid working. There are more employers doing this, however there are more employees who are fully remote. It seems that management are favouring hybrid, so that they can still get into the office and have face time with the teams. It shows a great amount of respect and trust within the industry – managers are happy to offer flexibility and clearly see it is paying off!

Can employees be convinced to return to the office full-time?

While we can see that a hybrid and remote approach is working well, there is still plenty of discussion about a return to the office. If this was ever on the cards, how do leadership teams think they can convince their staff to return to the office more often…or even permanently? Would their employees be aligned with this?

  • Free food / drinks – 59%
  • Staggered hours – 45%
  • Extra holiday allowance – 28%
  • 41% chose socialising
  • 35% chose childcare subsidies
  • 37% wouldn’t return to the office

There isn’t total agreement here. While we believe staggered hours and extra holiday allowance are a good idea from employers, their most popular choice would be free food and drink. Clearly, this is simply not enough reason for employees to work at the office. While socialising is clearly important to employees, 37% stated there would be nothing to entice them back to the office.

Looking for more digital industry insights?

We hope you have enjoyed our deep dive into life within digital industry! It has been great to analyse how employees and their leadership teams are feeling. For even more insights, download a free copy of the 2023 Digital salary survey.