digital leader managing a team of people

What does working life look like for Digital Leaders?

Life as a Digital Leader can be challenging as management techniques have changed drastically over the last year. From managing remote teams, to maintaining wellbeing and mental health, do leaders feel confident about running a team smoothly? We found out the facts in our 2023 Digital Salary Survey report.

This is what we found…

Are Digital Leaders mainly working in the office, on a hybrid basis or fully remote?

  • Hybrid – 68%
  • Fully remote – 30%
  • Office, full time – 3%

It is refreshing to see that employers are enjoying the benefits of flexible working, and hopefully they are sharing those with their teams! Keep your eyes on the blog as we will be sharing the digital employee results very soon!

What are Digital Leaders doing to encourage staff back to the office?

  • Free food / drinks – 59%
  • Staggered hours – 45%
  • Extra holiday allowance – 28%

It is interesting to see that a large number of employers are offering free food / drinks as an incentive to return to the office. Do you agree that this is a good strategy or are there better ways to encourage office attendance?

We did receive further feedback from a handful of Digital Leaders, and they agreed that encouraging staff back isn’t necessary for them, as their teams are currently performing well in a remote or hybrid capacity. If they do decide to return to the office, this will be for networking or team building purposes only.

To continue with the results, it is great to see that leaders are staggering hours, which will suit working parents with school drop offs and pickups, and professionals who are more productive in the mornings or the evenings.

How do digital leadership teams support well-being, mental health, and work-life balance?

  • Flexible working – 91%
  • Realistic workload – 58%
  • Mental health days – 27%

There are some huge percentages there! To no surprise, flexible working and realistic workload take the two top spots as leaders are clearly understanding the need to prioritise different needs and looking for ways to avoid burnout.

Looking for more digital insights?

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