Digital-Salary Survey 2022 sneak peek

Our Digital Salary Survey 2022 sneak peek

Our 2022 digital salary survey questionnaire has launched and is accepting responses! Response has been great so far, so we thought it was  the perfect time for a sneak peek!

These statistics are subject to change, as we will receive more responses before the questionnaire closes. For now, we hope they will be keep you intrigued until the full report is released!

Digital salaries: Who is expecting a pay increase in 2022?

In 2021, 49% of digital industry professionals expected a salary increase. This was undoubtedly the lowest this figure has been throughout all of our salary surveys, though it’s not entirely surprising. The events of 2020, which spilled into 2021, left many people feeling uncertain due to Covid-19.

That is not the case so far this year and the outlook is more optimistic. Will people see a change in fortunes for 2022?

Working from home in digital roles

Last year, 61% of our respondents had not yet returned to the office when our questionnaire was released. What is the remote working landscape looking like in 2022 so far? There is still a good figure working from home. For those who are back in the office, sentiments vary – though many more people would prefer to be working from home. We are intrigued to see the final results on this one!

Overtime in digital

Are digital professionals doing more overtime due to changes in their working life? Perhaps working from home means people are doing more without a commute to contend with.

In 2021, 20% of our respondents completed 3 hours or more of overtime each week. Looking at our 2022 respondents so far, we can see 15% complete 3 hours or more of overtime. Quite a significant increase and a positive one at that!

Can’t wait for the 2022 digital salary survey?

You can catch up on the 2021 report while you wait! If we can help you with any digital recruitment needs, head to our candidate registration page or submit a vacancy within your business.