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Digital Jobs in London: Our remote interview advice

Looking at digital jobs in London in 2022, the increase in employers hiring remotely is clear to see. Although this means hiring teams can look for talent further afield, it does make the competition tougher. Furthermore, while companies are hiring people who might not be based in London, it does not mean London natives are not applying. This begs the question: is talent based closer to the London HQ more favoured, even if it’s a remote recruitment process?

That means the interview is your chance to really show what you’re made of! Is this possible to do this when it is done remotely (or virtually)? It can be easy to get distracted, which might take some shine off your personality. We want to help you find the best digital opportunities, that match your skills and career goals. Here’s what to do during your video interview!

Find a comfortable interview space

If you are already working remotely, you will probably have a dedicated space. After all, feeling comfortable is the key to your productivity. This absolutely applies to the interview too. The more at ease you are, the more natural you will be. Clear any clutter which will help clear any distractions and enhance focus. It is common for people to force themselves into a corner where the background is a solid colour. Don’t hesitate to show some personality with pictures or plants however. Lighting is also important – you want the light to be hitting your face. But, make sure you’re not uncomfortable and not squinting through super bright lights or sunlight.

Understand the technology

When you get confirmation for the big interview, it’s a great time to start preparing. Be sure to find out exactly what video calling tool is going to be used. This especially helps if the employer is using one you’re not as familiar with. We advise doing a test call with someone, trying out all the features and how to use them. On the day, ensure that your connection is strong, you are logged in early and waiting at least 5 minutes before the interview. Sometimes, technology glitches can’t be helped which the employer will understand. However, being prepared for this is always a big help.

Do not rely on a script

We mentioned above that distractions play a big part in remote interview struggles. Without the interviewer in front of you, it can be trickier to engage. One major distraction would be the use of a script. While you might anticipate what will be asked, it is not set in stone. So, you might get flustered if you’re relying on lots of notes and the employer asks something outside of this script. We are not saying you shouldn’t have some pointers in front of you – after all, it’s not something you could utilise in a face to face interview. Definitely use this to your advantage, but don’t rely too heavily on it. It might be obvious to the employer, therefore you won’t be showing your full attention or your full personality.

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