Digital Recruitment Hybrid Working

Digital Recruitment Strategy: hybrid working in a digital world

Is hybrid working a benefit in your Digital Recruitment strategy and retention efforts? A study from TravelPerk showed that 76% of respondents have shifted to a hybrid working model. Can you say that your company is within this 76%? When we discuss digital recruitment strategy, it’s not exclusively about attracting new talent. Retaining staff is a big talking point right now, with people more aware of new opportunities on offer.

An even bigger talking point right now is hybrid working. With this in mind, we wanted to talk about why companies should be weaving a hybrid model into their setup.

Why is a hybrid working model so popular?

When starting a new digital recruitment process, one thing is often overlooked. Helping the potential candidates find a role that offers a better quality of life is so important. The benefit of remote working, or hybrid working, will improve this tremendously. Companies need to look beyond the “perks” of days past – free fruit, free coffee and bean bags won’t attract top talent. If a candidate sees a job advertisement that offers hybrid working, it will catch their eye.

Why? It means a lot more than getting to work at home some days of the week…

  • Better work-life balance
  • Opportunities to increase focus and productivity
  • More family time
  • Saving on commute costs
  • More motivation

Why a hybrid working model will benefit your company

Looking at the positive benefits above, we can see how a hybrid working model benefits employees. However, it can really help elevate the company overall. Having employees with a motivated mindset will encourage the team to achieve company strategy and goals. Furthermore, you can then retain the team that makes your business run.

The beauty of hybrid working has slowly revealed itself. What was once seen as a challenge can now be accepted as an opportunity. From conference calling tools to file sharing, there have been many ways to streamline working processes. Teams have been able to collaborate remotely, updating assignments or projects in real time.

Finally, company wide upskilling can leave you with a more agile and successful team. In a hybrid working world, you will be able to identify what skills gaps there are in the team and put a plan in place. This is not limited to digital skills either – you can work on improving communication, soft skills and so much more.

Supercharging your digital recruitment strategy

Plan your digital recruitment strategy correctly and the candidates will follow. If they see an organised process from a company that cares, you will be top of their list of companies. We can help with all of your digital recruitment needs – simply fill out our recruitment enquiry form to get the conversation started!