Digital Industry - does gender parity exist?

The Digital Industry – Does gender disparity exist in areas of your business?

Within the digital industry, does gender disparity exist in specific areas? In our recent blog, we examined this topic in the context of equality in digital salaries. We observed a significant salary gap across all seniority levels, which becomes more pronounced at the highest positions like ‘Head of’ or ‘Director’. Although more than half of the employees believe their compensation is fair, 32% are uncertain, highlighting possible concerns with transparency and trust.

This year, we aimed to identify any perceived inequalities in other aspects of the business. We asked respondents to point out areas of disparity within their own companies to better understand the industry’s sentiment on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

What areas of the digital industry do respondents experience gender disparity?

We provided several options to our respondents to determine how they feel compared to other genders. 58% reported that there was no gender disparity in the business at all. However, this means 42% had concerns to express. Respondents were encouraged to select all options that applied to them to provide as much insight as possible.

  • Career Progression: 21% of respondents felt that they did not have the same opportunities for progressing in their careers as others. Since most respondents were men, the extent of this sentiment might be downplayed here. Women may encounter more obstacles in advancing their careers. Addressing this requires ongoing efforts to ensure fair progression opportunities and to support career growth for all employees, irrespective of gender.
  • Salary: 18% believe that gender parity exists in their business and its remuneration distribution, with 54% of this group being women. This underscores the ongoing gender gap across seniority levels, despite the industry’s progress in other areas.
  • Leadership Opportunities: This, of course, goes hand in hand with career progression. 18% of respondents felt that they did not have the same opportunities for leadership roles as others. Despite the industry’s growth and emphasis on diversity and inclusion, it’s clear that some professionals believe there are more challenges than opportunities when advancing to more senior positions.

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