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Software Engineering jobs: what are the latest salaries?

Are you working in the digital industry and looking for Software Engineering jobs? It can be tough to know where to begin or understand what salary you should expect for your level of experience.

That is why we are here to help! Having just launched our 2023 Digital Salary Survey, which means we are now equipped with the latest salaries in the industry across many different specialisms. We also made sure to include lower-level, mid-level, and senior roles to accommodate all individuals.

Let’s start with Software Engineering jobs…

.NET Developer
  • Lower: £38,000
  • Mid: £54,000
  • Upper: £69,000
Java Developer
  • Lower: £49,500
  • Mid: £68,000
  • Upper: £85,000
PHP Developer
  • Lower: £35,000
  • Mid: £44,500
  • Upper: £59,000
Python Developer
  • Lower: £46,000
  • Mid: £72,000
  • Upper: £87,000
Ruby Developer
  • Lower: £47,000
  • Mid: £76,000
  • Upper: £85,000
Front-end/JavaScript Developer
  • Lower: £37,000
  • Mid: £37,000
  • Upper: £74,000

It looks like there isn’t a lot of difference between lower and mid-level Front-end/JavaScript Developers!

React Developer
  • Lower: £39,000
  • Mid: £69,000
  • Upper: £78,000
Scala Developer
  • Lower: £49,000
  • Mid: £71,000
  • Upper: £85,000
What does this mean for you?

You may feel that your current salary is aligned with the above, which is great news! However, if you’re not so happy about your Software Engineering salary, then it might be time for a chat with your employer or to look for a new opportunity.

If you would like to discuss new Software Engineering jobs with us, please submit your CV! Alternatively, if you’re a digital hiring manager and are looking to add to your team, and compensate fairly of course, then please get in touch!

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