Top AI Innovations from WWDC24

WWDC24 unveiled incredible advancements, alongside news of the new Apple iOS 18 operating system, and we were especially impressed by the AI features.

Here are our top picks that are set to transform the digital space!

Intelligence feature from Apple Mail

Say goodbye to inbox overload! Apple Mail’s new intelligence feature sorts your emails, putting the important ones right at the top. It understands what matters most and makes sure you see it first. This will be revolutionary for all users, particularly busy businesses, helping navigate hectic periods with ease.

We expect to see Apple Intelligence and it’s other features released in 2025.

Tap to cash

Splitting bills just got easier with Tap to Cash. Simply hold your phones together to exchange Apple Cash. It’s a quick, secure, and private way to pay someone back without sharing bank details.

No more excuses for your friends not to pay you back!


Get creative with Genmoji! Describe your emoji, and Apple’s AI will create it for you. You can even make personalised emojis for your contacts. It’s a fun way to add a unique touch to your messages and get the right message and emotion across.

iPhone users have been waiting what seems like forever for this!

Wearable AI Pin

Stay in the moment with the Wearable AI Pin from This smart device takes care of tasks like language translation and currency conversion, letting you focus on the conversation. With iOS 18, Apple’s advanced AI tech will also bring text summarisation, using sophisticated algorithms to highlight key information for better comprehension and efficiency.

Ideal for travellers and those looking for a much needed screen time break, it adapts to your speaking style and language preferences. How handy!

Which is your favourite?

We have only mentioned a handful of the tech announcements, so which are on your favourites list? Have you come across others that make the list?

We can’t wait to see these advancements come to life upon full release! For more insights and content like this, be sure to check our blog page.