Digital recruitment

Digital recruitment: the most desirable jobs

The world of Digital recruitment has grown tremendously since the Covid-19 pandemic, as so many business leaders began to rely on technology and move their businesses online.

This means that digital jobs have never been so in-demand, and there is a skills-shortage in specialisms such as Software Development, Creative and Design, Programming, Engineering, Digital Marketing and more.

However, desirability has many factors, included financial gain, enjoyment, and industry respect.

We researched the top 5 most desirable digital jobs! Maybe you’re looking for your first Digital job or you’re an experienced digital professional looking for your next opportunity – either way, let’s find out!

UX Designer

Rising in popularity, a UX Designer or ‘User Experience Designer’ is one of the most sought-after jobs in Digital Marketing. Designers often associate themselves with the term as it is highly prestigious in the industry.

This role is all about improving and simplifying the user’s online journey when navigating a site or digital product. By conducting research, UX Designers will mock-up and test their own workflows to understand the best user interface patterns.

UX Designers tend to work on a contract and freelance basis due to the project nature of the role. A good UX Designer can expect to earn around £45K – £60K in London and is a popular choice for digital professionals as a degree in UX Design is not necessarily required.

UX Design is also a great role for someone methodically minded, who enjoys working as part of a team.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts collect and interpret data in order to solve a problem or answer a question. This allows businesses to strategize and make crucial business decisions.

This role is very varied, and because of the array of different skills, Data Analysts are able to move around to different areas of the data sector. This sector can also offer very stable employment which many people are looking for since the affect on employment and redundancies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supposedly the data analyst job market is predicted to grow by 23% between now and 2031, with salaries remaining competitive, which will be enticing for young people looking to join the industry.

App Developer

There are different types of App Developers in the digital world – including both iOS and Android.

Creating and testing applications for mobile, tablet and PC, App Developers will understand how to code and will test software to find faults and fix problems before launch. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the app.

Although this can be a tough sector to work in and for digital recruitment, there are opportunities for university students and those working in an apprenticeship to work their way up the ranks.

SEO Manager / Specialist

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation refers to the process of driving organic traffic to a website or web page, in order to improve a company’s position or ranking online.

Experts are in demand due to their awfully specific skill and expertise in their digital field, and for helping businesses with their online presence at a time where this it is crucial for success.

Recent research shows that it is a “seller’s market” for SEO professionals, with candidates being advised not to undersell their skills, and companies should expect competition when it comes to hiring in this field.

Software Engineer (Python)

Software Engineers are responsible for coding, designing and de-bugging back-end development projects. Python is a specific programming language used and is supposedly the easiest to learn over its brothers and sisters due to its readability and similarity with the English language.

But why are they in demand? Factors that contribute include the complexity of their work, and the flexibility of the language that suits many different industries within Digital – from Data Science to Machine Learning. Lastly, the immensely high salaries are of course a driving factor.

Desirability in digital recruitment can depend on a number of different things, but it is often the salary that is the first point of interest when choosing a career.

In our annual Digital Salary Survey report, we outlined the 2022 salary benchmarking against the above positions and more. You can download your FREE copy today and keep an eye out in early 2023 for new numbers.