Digital Salaries - 2023 benchmarks

Digital Salaries in 2023: what has changed?

It’s time for a new review of digital salaries! Following the release of our ‘2023 Digital Salary Survey & Insights Guide’, we have seen some pretty big changes in the industry!

With a year of growth and learning predicted by our respondents, we figured the best place to start would be to look at salary changes in the last 12 months. Has the industry average increased? What do people expect to happen this year? There is only one way to find out!

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The average digital salary in 2023

2023 Average Digital Salaries

What a positive increase to kick start our salary review! It is great to see a significant rise in the average digital salary. The industry continues to grow, though this means competition for talent will grow too. As such, meeting the right salary expectations will be key in 2023. So, what are the expectations of digital professionals when they move to a new role?

Digital salaries and expectations – are you offering the right remuneration?

Digital Salary expectations in 2023

We asked our respondents what salary increase they would expect when moving to a new role or accepting a promotion. We decided to split respondents by seniority, to see any significant differences there might be. However, we can see that from junior level to director, the vast majority expect a salary increase of at least 10%. It speaks volumes about how you can motivate people to join your own team.

How many professionals actually received a salary increase?

Digital Salary Increases

Another positive salary update! We have seen an increase in respondents who saw a rise in their annual salary. Employers need to review this regularly for the best staff retention strategy – we can already see what people expect, so it’s time to match this!

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