Are WhatsApp Newsletters the future of email marketing?

Do you currently use email marketing or have you considered a WhatsApp Newsletter? Some would say that email marketing is outdated and will be soon replaced with the likes of WhatsApp Newsletters – which is a quick, trendy, and convenient way of boosting marketing efforts.

With WhatsApp business launching in 2019, this new way of communicating seemed like a natural route to take, and the results have been pretty impressive so far.

What are WhatsApp Newsletters?

Thanks to WhatsApp Newsletters, those with a WhatsApp business account are able to send news-type messages to clients and customers. WhatsApp Newsletters are now GDPR compliant as they ask users to opt in or out – just like traditional emailers.

The newsletters allow you to stay in touch with your customers in a chatty way that they are familiar with.

What are the benefits?

Different uses

WhatsApp Newsletters have a variety of different uses – from sharing product launches, to offer codes, to even shouting about the latest job opportunities! With very minimal effort, businesses small and large will find the service beneficial and receive impressive metrics as a result.

Impressive metrics 

Research shows that WhatsApp messages have an 100% sent rate, and a 90% open rate. There are also no spam folder for emails to get lost in, so you know exactly who your emails are reaching and who is reading them.

Personalised design

In terms of the look and design, WhatsApp offer attractive templates for all different types of businesses to use to their advantage, with the ability to personalise each message to make customers feel special.


Users are able to quickly and easily access the latest deals and offers by scanning QR codes they comes across when out and about. Brands like Adidas and Absolut Vodka have been using the platform to leverage their marketing and reach their global audience, and even The Financial Times have been sharing free content with their customers.

whatsapp QR code

Credit: ChatWerk


Finally, WhatsApp is highly trusted by its users, and attracts over 2 billion of them! It is considered the most popular global messenger app in the world, which could be thanks to its end-to-end encryption that protects privacy and makes users feel safe when sending messages.

Are there any faults?

Although there are not many drawbacks to using WhatsApp Newsletters, customers are able to block your number to stop receiving content. They can even report you which can have a negative effect on your quality score – similar to email sender reputation.

With strict rules against spam, your message templates need to be pre-approved before being sent out. Luckily this is taken care of by the API.

Do you see your business utilising WhatsApp Business or a WhatsApp Newsletter in the near future?

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