Digital Contract Recruitment Benefits

Digital Contract Recruitment: Reasons to hire contractors

The world of digital contract recruitment is growing as competition for talent heats up. Surprisingly, the strategy for hiring digital contractors is still not as well-rounded as permanent hires. Many companies believe that hiring full-time employees is still the way to go.

In 2023, this is simply not the case. From a wide-reaching pool of remote digital talent to cost-effective talent measures, the benefits are mightier than you think! At TechNET Digital, our contract division is well-established in the digital space. As such, we are able to help our many clients find success with talented contractors.

Reasons to hire digital contractors

If you’re wondering how you can fit contractors into your recruitment plans, here are just a few reasons…

A wider pool of talent

With permanent hires, it is understandable that you want the employee to be within a commutable distance. With contractors, this doesn’t have to be an obstacle. The term digital nomads has been thrown around a lot recently…and with good reason! Across the globe, you will find contractors making themselves at home in the hottest digital hubs. Therefore, they have a huge scope on digital trends, different customer bases and much more. Even if they are working remotely, they will be more than accustomed to this way of working. So, they can help you ease into collaborative communication!

Short-term solutions for urgent gaps

You can’t predict certain things within your team. Furthermore, it can be easy to stress when you find yourself short-staffed. Contractors can change that. Be it maternity leave or extended sick leave, you can find the perfect solution to fill these gaps. Even better, you will likely find a temporary contractor quicker than you think. In our experience, we can help you warm those empty seats within 4 days!

Access niche skills

When you’re recruiting, you likely have a set of key skills in mind. This can still be the case for contractors. However, they have worked on a range of projects throughout their careers, building skills you might not even think you need. Furthermore, contractors will not be shy about these skills. Having someone looking in from the outside, bringing new life to projects, is a wonderful thing. The missing piece of the puzzle might just fall into place.

Cost effective

In the age of economic uncertainty, you might think contractor hourly rates are too high. They can save you money in the long run! The overhead costs of a contractor are without a doubt lower than a permanent employee. They will likely work remotely for a start. Furthermore, they deal with their own ax, pension contributions and national insurance. A usual contract is short term, which means companies will not be required to support career development or pay for training. Overall, there are savings to be made while the contractor delivers their best work!

Do you require digital contract recruitment advice?

If you have an urgent gap or need extra support on a big project, we can help. Our database of contractors is bursting with talent. It’s time you tapped into that! Submit a recruitment enquiry or visit our digital contract recruitment page to get in touch with the team.