2023 Digital Salary Survey Sneak Peek

Digital Salary Survey 2023: A sneak peek at the results!

The 2023 Digital salary survey is almost ready to launch! We cannot wait to share the full report with you – however, we’re currently working hard to finalise this and create the go-to digital recruitment report!

We figured you might be very curious to see the latest findings. So, we’re feeling a little generous. There have been some real eye-opening results so far, especially as we have brand new questions to discuss. Please note that these are subject to change as we will receive more responses before the questionnaire closes.

Digital Salaries – has there been an increase?

In 2022, the average industry salary saw an increase. Since then, we have seen a lot of justified talk around the cost of living and economic uncertainty. Will this be reflected in salary insights for 2023?

Despite the uncertainty, we are seeing another positive uplift. The 2023 average digital salary looks set to beat the 2022 figure – very good news!

Remote vs Hybrid working in Digital

Are digital professionals being encouraged back to the office? In 2022, 42% of respondents were fully remote. This year, we are not seeing too much change. A similar figure are still working completely from home, while hybrid working has increased. It seems digital leaders are embracing the benefits this has on employees, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity.

Diversity & Inclusion – does representation need attention?

For the first time ever in our digital salary survey, we delved further into diversity and inclusion. While we have previously discussed the gender pay gap, we wanted to put a bigger magnifying lens on the industry. When we asked about representation in the company, there were some surprising results. In particular, those with disabilities are the most underrepresented according to our respondents. We will be discussing this in much more detail in the final report.

Digital recruitment insights

As digital recruitment experts, we understand the importance of a streamlined and engaging recruitment process. Do business leaders who are hiring in 2023 know how to attract the best talent? As an example, the majority of respondents believed the process should last no more than 4 weeks. Are employers on the same page? The full report will have exclusive insights into talent attraction and retention. These will be invaluable for your digital recruitment strategy in 2023!

Stay tuned for the 2023 digital salary survey launch!

We would love to share more digital salary survey findings, however we have a report to finish. Once this is done, you will have plenty of reading to do! We cannot wait to share the report.