A Data Scientist on a computer performing a job

Are Data Scientist jobs in demand?

Are Data Scientist jobs sought after? In order to make critical business decisions, companies need Data Scientists to interpret data and make predictions for the future.

At TechNET Digital, many of our data-driven clients are on the hunt for top Data Scientists as industry research predicts that the industry will see a 36% growth increase between 2021 – 2031.

Is Data Science Popular?

Amongst employees, Data Science has become an increasingly popular field of work due to the advances in technology, including the increased use of programming languages.

However, Data Science still has a lot of scope in terms of job opportunities. As the industry is still growing, there is still room for job roles to become more specific and offer wider flexibility to Data Scientists of the future. This will likely attract even more people to the industry.

Is Data Science considered ‘recession proof’?

Although it is hard to say that any job is 100% ‘recession proof’, the interpretation of data is essential for companies world-wide, especially larger ones with large growth goals. To add to this, it is interesting to note that the most recent recession (Covid-19) has actually accelerated the data science industry, as have many others in the tech industry.

However, generalists tend to have a better chance of keeping their jobs as they often have their fingers in many pies and redundancy can cause further disruption. Those that choose to specialise can unfortunately be more at risk of losing their Data Scientist jobs. To protect themselves, Data Scientists should aim to learn the entire pipeline, including processing unstructured data.

Luckily for Data Scientists, their skills can often be put to good use elsewhere if a company decides to make their position redundant.

Is Data Science competitive?

Paired with good pay and job satisfaction, Data Science can be very competitive amongst those in the technology industry.

However, although it can be competitive once you start to specialise, the Data Science industry is more accessible than you might think for young people looking to get into this line of work, as the programming languages used such as Python are relatively easy to learn compared to some.

Looking for your next Data Science job?

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