Digital Marketing Recruitment 2023 insights

Digital Marketing Recruitment: Your 2023 hiring insights

Digital Marketing recruitment has always been a competitive space, with talent in this sector continuing to surge. In a digital world, attracting new customers starts with attracting the most talented digital marketers. How can you do this in 2023?

We’ve decided to share some sentiments from the digital marketing community, found exclusively in our 2023 digital salary survey & insights report. Furthermore, with candidates approaching the job search differently, we tackle the latest hiring trends to offer you the very best recruitment advice!

Digital Marketing talent insights

How are Digital Marketing professionals feeling right now and what is changing in their sector? Our salary survey report is full of insights, so here is some food for thought…

Role happiness

Each year, we ask our respondents to rank their current job happiness out of ten. Delving into our data, we extracted all respondents working in digital marketing to get an average figure for this sector. The average score for our digital marketing respondents was 6.6/10. The overall average for all respondents within the digital industry was 7.2/10. So, it is not ideal to see digital marketers not quite hit the 7 mark. Are workloads too demanding? Perhaps salaries are not up to scratch…let’s find out if this is the case.

Salary changes

Looking at our overall salary survey data, 68% of respondents said their salary increased. When we look at the digital marketers, we discovered that 73% of this sector received a pay rise. So, this is a positive development – it appears those working in digital marketing are being recognised for their efforts. Furthermore, our 2023 summer update of the salary survey revealed further changes as the year went on. Since our March statistics, 42% of digital marketing professionals saw a pay increase. It demonstrates how important it is for hiring managers to keep up with salary benchmarks…let’s hope these increases continue in 2024!

Hybrid vs office-based

The return to the office discussion has returned once more – but do digital marketing professionals agree? Right now, 46% of our digital marketing respondents are fully remote. A return to the office would be particularly hard for this many professionals, especially without experience of a hybrid set-up. 40% are working in a hybrid capacity, with the remaining 14% back in the office full time. This should not be ignored when devising your recruitment strategy. If digital marketers are happier and more productive when working remotely, this has to be taken into account if you want to attract the best marketing professionals.

Digital Marketing recruitment trends – our hiring advice

What trends will make the hiring landscape change in 2023 and beyond? Keeping ahead of the curve will help you map out a solid digital marketing recruitment strategy.

Passive and selective candidates

Gone are the days where the talent will come to you. Not only are some of the best talent not even actively looking for a new role, those that are will be more selective about the role, benefits and the company itself. So, investing in new recruitment technology will help identify new places to discover talent and keep them engaged from the moment they learn about your company. It is all about supercharging your employer brand – our sister brand TechNET IT shared some great advice on how to do this!

International talent

We have already seen that digital marketing professionals are predominantly remote working. So, this really works in your favour – you no longer have to limit the marketing talent pool to one location. Expanding your reach will open your eyes to niche skills, multi-lingual marketers and also strengthen your diversity profile. Specific skills for roles that will help the business grow are not easy to find. Speaking of growing digital marketing skills…

In-demand skills – are you filling these gaps?

Digital marketing has a broad job market. That sometimes makes it more difficult to identify the skills you need for your team. Growth marketing continues to evolve, as the need to drive revenue and attract new customers means success over competitors. Customer driven skills are also important, meaning CRM experts are crucial to growth. New social channels means that a specialised understanding of social marketing is only becoming broader. Finally, analytics teams have more data to analyse than ever before – outside of Google Analytics, we are seeing more focus on Adobe Analytics too!

Helping you hire digital talent!

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