Digital Recruitment - salary updates

Digital Recruitment – your 2023 salary update!

Within digital recruitment, understanding salary expectations is a huge factor when attracting and retaining talent. Following our ‘2023 Digital Salary Survey & Insights Guide’ release in March, we revealed the latest digital industry insights.

However, we did not stop there. For the first time ever, we released a follow-up questionnaire in the summer to see what was changing as the year progressed. In fact, it was our biggest response in the history of our salary survey campaigns! Now, it’s time to share our findings in our updated salary review – click below to remind yourself of our previous review.

Your digital salary update

So, let’s find out what has changed since our last update! Will there be positive increases or have salaries stalled in the later half of the year?

How many digital professionals actually received a salary increase?

Changes in digital salaries

It is great to see half of our respondents seeing a pay rise this year. It has been an uncertain time, so it proves the digital industry continues to grow and persevere. While 45% have not seen any change, there is still some time in 2023 for them to see a salary increase. Of course, it could also be down to the time in their current role and won’t have a salary review until next year. It is disheartening to see 5% of respondents saw their salary decrease. While it could be down to company restructuring and salary cuts, there are also a number of people turning to contract work so that they can work remotely and travel. Perhaps they have taken a slight decrease as they begin this journey and build a client base.

The average industry salary

Average digital industry salary

It is great to see a significant rise in the average digital salary as the year progressed. With more people seeing an increase, we can see that the career growth opportunities in the industry continue to grow. It does show, once again, how salary plays a huge part in the competition for talent. If you are not offering salary and career growth, candidates will seek companies that do.

Here for your digital recruitment needs

Stay tuned for more in-depth salary discussions from our salary survey update. If you’re looking for digital recruitment support in the meantime, we’re here to help!