Challenges in the digital industry

The digital industry and the challenges faced

What challenges does the digital industry face in 2023? Such a huge industry, with millions of digital professionals, is bound to have pitfalls. Looking outside of the industry, global issues also affect how customers interact with companies.

In our 2023 Digital Salary Survey, we asked our respondents to share their thoughts on many topics. Studying these, we wanted to highlight what we think are challenges and issues the digital industry must work to overcome for ongoing success!

Digital industry challenges revealed!

Using both our own salary survey, and those of our sister brands for further insight, here are the key challenges faced by the digital industry.

Diversity & Inclusion – progress is still needed

Are digital leaders doing their part to cultivate a diverse workforce? It seems the topic is certainly acknowledged in 2023, but not everyone feels represented. Only 30% of respondents feel that those with disabilities are represented in their company. Furthermore, when scoring the diversity of the leadership team out of ten, the average score was 4.8/10. These are low figures considering the scale of the industry today. We took a deeper dive into representation and diversity in the digital industry, so be sure to check it out!

Is there a digital skills shortage?

Many digital specialisms have grown in the past few years – does this mean that all companies are integrating them into their own teams and strategies? One that really stands out is cyber security. 49% of respondents believe that there is a lack of people with these skills in their company. The need for cyber security is clearly on the rise, so the challenge here will be to find the right talent in a very competitive market. Security concerns should be a main priority, so now would be the time to get a recruitment strategy in place for this pool of talent.

What is affecting revenue? Cranberry Panda reveals all!

Our sister brand Cranberry Panda is the go-to agency for eCommerce recruitment. The eCommerce and digital industries have close ties to each other, with many digital professionals working with online retailers. So, here are some exclusive insights from the eCommerce salary survey! Cranberry Panda asked respondents what they believed were the main challenges for revenue growth. It came as no surprise that the global cost of living crisis was top of the list, with 83% sharing that this will affect the way customers interact with spending online.

Looking for more digital industry insights?

The digital industry insights are just a snapshot of the full report! For even more insights, download a free copy of the 2023 Digital salary survey. You can also explore the latest digital jobs or submit a vacancy.