Digital Salary Survey for 2024

Dive into our brand-new Digital Salary Survey for 2024!

Welcome to the highly anticipated annual release of our 2024 Digital Salary Survey report, your ultimate guide to navigating the evolving landscape of the professional digital world.

This year, we’ve explored crucial subjects that hold real significance for both candidates and clients. We’ve homed in on precise salary benchmarking within the digital industry – a vital tool for candidates seeking their next role or gauging their current salary against industry standards. It’s equally valuable for clients aiming to offer competitive salaries and draw in top-tier talent.

To kick off 2024, we have discussed:

  • Salary benchmarking (of course)
  • Salary changes from 2023 – 2024
  • Talent perspectives and how to attract and retain talent
  • The impact of technology, including AI and automation
  • Mental health & wellbeing and the impact of the cost of living crisis
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Finally, the rise of contractors, contract, and interim work

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We would like to thank everybody that took part in our survey, and to our readers downloading today. We are eager to hear your thoughts on this year’s report!

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