Apple releases first AirPods Pro firmware beta for developers

The new release Wednesday! Apple has officially released the first version of beta firmware for Airpods Pro users. This new beta version enables features such as Spatial Audio for FaceTime and Ambient Noise Reduction. However, the process to install the beta requires you to use Xcode on your Mac.

The Airpods Pro beta firmware is currently only available for developers, and the configuration profile is only available on Apple’s Developer website.  Another thing to note is that once the beta version has been installed you cannot return to the previous version.

At WWDC this year, Apple promised the AirPod Pro beta firmware would be available in time for summer. This week it was added to the “More Downloads” section of the Apple Developer website without any announcement.

Apple states:

“Installed on your AirPods Pro, the beta software cannot be removed. Your unit will continue to run this software until an updated non-beta version of the software is released. In the meantime, you’ll automatically receive any additional beta software updates as long as you’ve enabled your AirPods Pro to receive them using the steps below.”