The holographic digital photo frame that turns iPhone 12 images into 3D portraits

This is a huge upscale from the 2018 version when Looking Display Portrait launched the world’s first holographic display although many did not believe the technology was possible.

The ‘looking glass portrait’ has exceeded all expectations through Kickstarter’s new project, “the first personal holographic display for people, real and imagined”. This creates an easier to use glass-free holographic effect using a lenticular lens.

The looking glass portrait resembles a desktop digital photo frame with a glass display and black border. Although the display only supports JPG images which could be seen as a key limitation.

Easy to use

This means you don’t need to know how to program to use a holographic display. Looking glass display has been designed for user’s who are already familiar with using 3D anyway such as Artists, Designers, Developers, Filmmakers, Photographers, and those who are novices to the three-dimensional capture and creation world. The developers have made it easy for phones to capture holograms too.

Use any camera to capture holograms

The new iPhone 12 Pro can be used to do a combination of advanced machine learning techniques and LiDAR capabilities can capture the best depth photos yet with a single shot. Some flagship Android phones also support depth capture with portrait mode photos. Kickstarter announced a new conversion service that can take any 2D image and convert them into a 3D hologram for Looking Glass Portrait. It is noted that the newer the phone, generally the better the depth map.

3D scans with Photogrammetry & LiDAR

This is the easiest way to take and display 360-degree captures of people, places, and objects.

Holographic Video

A depth camera such as the Microsoft Azure Kinect or Intel RealSense or a recent iPhone release where you are now able to easily record and playback holographic messages.

Are you ready for the future of photpgraphic displays?

Looking Glass Portrait is available to pre-order for $299, with it being ready to ship by October 2021.

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