Reasons to choose digital contract jobs

Ten reasons to choose digital contract jobs!

Why should you make the change to digital contract jobs in 2024? As the digital industry grows and matures, the digital team structure is changing to reflect this.

In particular, the increased need for skilled digital contractors has caught our attention. Digital teams are now often at a size where bringing in contract resources can be supported without the worry of disrupting the team or a potential financial burden. As a result, many digital professionals are diving into the world of contracting.

If it is something you are considering, here are ten reasons it might be the career change you are looking for. Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

Moving to digital contract jobs – the top ten reasons!

Of course, the move from permanent to contract is not for everyone. Having spoken to many contractors over the years, here are their main motivations when it comes to digital contracting.

  1. Add variety – The day to day can become a touch monotonous for some! Working in different companies and teams increases the variety and makes projects more interesting.
  2. Higher salary – Quite often, salaries for contractors can be higher for the variety of projects they get to work on. Of course, this is a big driver for many, so long as there are no significant gaps between projects.
  3. Fill a gap – There will be candidates who are seeking a permanent position, but are not currently working in a role. Digital contract jobs can help professionals avoid any gaps with short term contracts to fill their CV. This also supports them financially and adds to their work experience.
  4. A quick change – For many reasons, sometimes a role does not work out or company requirements change. That is why contract jobs offer an olive branch to someone in a poor work environment or situation.
  5. Work-life balance – Contractors can take charge of the balance between work and home life. Need to earn more? Take on extra projects or offer more time to a company. Need to unwind? You can schedule a well deserved rest when it suits you most. Work-life balance and well-being is so important, so it is a great benefit for digital contractors.
  6. An exciting challenge – Contract jobs are not for everyone. However, regular challenges within new projects are exciting for some and the variety keeps their career fresh.
  7. A positive external influence – When an external contractor or consultant enters a business, their suggestions and views are often respected because they can provide an unbiased view. More often than not, this is exactly what a company needs to hear.
  8. Office politics are not for everyone – While being a positive outside influence is a big draw, many people turn to contracting to avoid the office environment and take control of their day to day. In particular, those in senior positions will enjoy the contract life with less personalities to manage.
  9. Networking benefits – Contractors strive for a network which is large and highly engaged. With new roles often coming from word of mouth, the saying that ‘you are only as good as your last job’ is certainly true in the digital contracting world.
  10. Develop entrepreneurial skills– Being a sociable and confident person able to engage with new teams, managers and constantly ‘selling’ yourself develops a personality that is increasingly suited to contract digital jobs.

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