Digital Jobs - 2024 search trends

Digital Jobs – trends for your 2024 job search

The search for digital jobs will continue to require a real need to stand out from the crowd. With so many digital opportunities out there, it means new job search trends will develop. Observing these digital recruitment trends closely will be pivotal to your success. From evolving technology to changing workplace dynamics, there will be plenty to keep an eye on.

It’s time to start planning for the year ahead…especially if a new job is on your resolutions list! Prepare now and your job search success is guaranteed – it’s time to get ahead of the competition!

Digital recruitment technology is changing

An increased pool of applicants means effective recruitment technology is a priority for companies. Many are investing in ATS tools to help with automation and reviewing CV’s. Quite simply, it’s not the manual process it used to be.

In particular, CV parsing tools and the way they work should be noted by job seekers. These tools will scan a CV for relevance before it is even seen by the hiring team. So, adapting your CV to the job specification with the right keywords is vital. Make sure all key skills and responsibilities are covered in your CV so that you are chosen as a good match.

Finally, be sure to check that your CV is in the right format. While some job adverts will specify Word or PDF, some will not. Many of these tools will scan a Word document more effectively, however this doesn’t mean that you can’t have two versions in different formats.

Diversity & Inclusion in digital jobs – a time to be vocal

Companies are recognising the importance of diverse and inclusive workplaces. With more people being vocal about this issue, companies want to show they really do care about inclusiveness and accessibility. As a result, company values will be more prominent on job specs – something we have already seen growing in 2023. Candidates who can demonstrate a commitment to these values will be in high demand. Study every job you apply for carefully, read company policies and position yourself as someone who will be a valuable asset to the company approach.

A shift in workplace dynamics

The way people work is different for each individual. Some will prefer a completely remote setup, while others like a mix between home and the office. While hybrid working is set to dominate in 2024, there are still employers looking for ways to entice their team back to the office full time. As a result, not all job adverts will match your desired work setup.

A mutual understanding must be developed, so that how you work suits you and your employer. Therefore, your CV must include information about your success in working seamlessly between remote working and office based working. Employers who are offering hybrid and remote working want to see candidates who can effectively collaborate remotely, showcase dedication, and leverage digital communication tools. While it wasn’t a must before, this information is a vital addition to the CV in 2024.

A targeted job search improves your chances

We have lost count of the many digital job boards and job search platforms. Your CV could reach many places – but is this a good thing? Not only is multiple sign ups time consuming, your CV might not be reaching the right people. Signing up to many job boards could be a hindrance in 2024, with many companies turning to specialist recruiters in an exclusive capacity. Digital recruitment agencies understand the unique challenges, requirements, and skill sets associated with so many vacancies. Start the 2024 job search off the right way, with a tailored approach to secure you the roles that matter to you.

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