Digital industry predictions

Predictions: how can the digital industry grow?

For the digital industry to grow and improve, what areas do digital professionals feel need more attention? In our 2023 Digital Salary Survey, we asked our respondents their thoughts on the industry. From skills shortages to tools that they believe will help them work efficiently, they had a lot to say.

So, we wanted to reveal these exclusive insights to give you an idea on where the industry and its people are headed. There are plenty of insights to cover, so let’s get started!

What skills are in short supply?

We asked both employees and digital leaders this question, to see if everyone agrees on where gaps exist within companies. Here’s what they shared with us…

Digital Skills Shortage graph

While some of the specialist areas and skills are close in percentage, there are a few notable differences in opinion. Cyber Security stands out in particular. It is something more businesses need to think about, with smarter and sophisticated threats to security arising. However, the employees seem more concerned about this shortage in the business. They should be communicating any security concerns to management, highlighting the importance of cyber security professionals.

Tools and tech: What is prioritised and what would be more beneficial?

It goes without saying that the digital industry is full of different tools and technology. Many businesses will invest in what they believe to be the most efficient – but is it really helping employees. First, we asked leadership teams what tools and tech they will be prioritising this year. Here is the top 3…

  • Automation: 70%
  • Leadership tools: 57%
  • Events & Networking: 35%

Do their employees agree? Of course, networking is great for a business but are events more ad-hoc compared to something that would help on a day-to-day basis? We asked digital employees to share their thoughts.

“More front-end tools, maybe learning other frameworks, some back-end tech and mobile.”

“Scheduling tool for social media, plus equipment for collecting content and editing content.”

“More automation and monitoring.”

“Automation, AI, teamwork and upskilling.”

“Removing instant messaging, better project management tools and candidate sourcing tools.”

These are just a few thoughts respondents shared. Automation was mentioned often, so it is good to see that leadership teams agree. However, some tools that are required for efficiency might need to be prioritised too, like social scheduling and project managment tools.

Looking for more digital industry insights?

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