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Have salaries changed in the digital world in 2022?

Have salaries changed in the past year? We have researched the latest salary benchmarking for 2022 – all thanks to our 2022 Digital Salary Survey that was released just yesterday!

This is what we found…

Average salaries have soared

Not only did we look at average digital salaries, but we also received data on different age groups too.

As you can see, there are average increases across the board for all age groups, and it is clear that the digital industry is being recognised for their importance and rewarded accordingly.

The price increases in the UK could also have an affect on pay rises, as some companies are choosing to support their employees with the change.

The average salaries in a variety of different digital specialisms have risen by just under £5000 – and it is great to see these changes being implemented for everyone to benefit from.

Changes to digital salaries

We asked respondents “How has your salaries changed?” and our questionnaire respondents said…

  • 74% said their salary increased
  • 22% saw no change
  • 4% said their salary decreased

Only 45% of respondents received a pay rise is 2021, therefore there has been a huge jump in those who have seen an increase this year – 74% to be exact! This leads us to think that the future is bright for employees working in the digital industry, but what about those who are still waiting on their 2022 pay rise?

Salary expectations

61% of digital professionals assume that their salary will increase this year, with 21% suggesting that it will stay the same.

16% are unsure if their salaries will change, and only 2% think that they will see a decrease. These numbers are incredibly positive, with the majority expecting a pay rise before the year is out!

If you haven’t already received a pay rise this year, do you expect to receive one later this year?

We are confident to say that the digital industry is more than comfortable at the moment, with salaries rising at a high rate for the year, making 2022 one of the best years for digital recruitment so far!

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