Digital Recruitment: 5 insights from our digital salary & insights report!

TechNET Digital Salary Survey Report

Working within the digital recruitment space, it’s important to the TechNET Digital team that we keep in tune with the latest developments in the digital industry. That’s why we create our annual digital salary survey & insights report.

It allows us to attend to our clients and candidate’s needs, by showing them exactly how to position themselves in the world of digital recruitment. Be it hiring digital talent or looking for that new digital job, our report is guaranteed to help you.

The report is available to download right now, but we thought we should share 5 top insights to give you a sneak preview.

Average digital salaries by age bracket – who has seen an increase?

Digital salaries obviously play a big part in our annual report. To really get to the heart of salary changes in the digital industry, we look at the respondents’ average salaries by age bracket. The age brackets are:

  • 18 – 24
  • 25 – 34
  • 35 – 44
  • 45+

In an interesting development, respondents within the 18 – 24 brackets saw the biggest increase in their average salary. Did respondents in the other age brackets experience the same? Download the report for the full breakdown.

How have digital salaries changed overall in the last 12 months?

Looking at our survey respondents collectively, have more digital professionals had a pay rise in the last 12 months? Or have the events of the pandemic affected pay increases?

We are pleased to report that 45% of respondents did in fact receive a pay rise! However, this is a lower figure than the previous year.

The importance of remote working in digital recruitment

In a new section of our digital salary & insights report, we asked respondents about the effects of the pandemic, both on themselves and the industry as a whole. Of course, lockdown meant that people across the country had to quickly adapt to remote working.

Now that lockdown has eased, are candidates expecting more remote working? We can reveal that a huge 89% of respondents will be requesting more working from home moving forward.

Happiness in the digital industry

The Covid-19 pandemic was tough on everyone, but has it affected happiness at work? We asked respondents to rank their happiness in their current role out of ten – this resulted in an average score of 6.5/10.

While this score could be better, it is important to recognise how the working landscape has changed and not just in the digital industry. It will be an important topic to think about in 2022.

What is essential to digital job seekers?

When looking for a new digital job, candidates will have set their own expectations. What people consider essential in a role is also important for staff retention, so we asked respondents to rank these out of a possible ten.

The top essentials, unsurprisingly, are remote working and flexible hours. Completing the top 3 is ‘opportunity to progress’ – download the report to explore the rest of the top role essentials!

Discover more digital recruitment insights

Our digital salary & insights report is full of digital industry statistics, so these teasers are just the tip of the iceberg. Download the full report to discover these exclusive digital recruitment insights.