Apple unveils new software developments at WWDC

As we expected, Apple have announced a vast number of exciting new software developments for later this year at their annual developer’s conference. This is just the first installation of our two-part blog post to outline the new iOS 16 operating system. We will save the hardware releases for another day, as otherwise we could be here forever!

Here is just some of what you can expect to see from Apple’s new ecosystem…

iOS 16

The biggest Apple software update yet, iOS 16 has brought some brilliant new features that every iPhone user will be interested to use.

Updated lock screen with stylisation capabilities, live activity that allows you to watch live sports matches in one place, and ability to switch up the look, widgets, and format of your phone, depending on where you are and for what you wish to use it. All of this is included in the new iOS 16 update, and we can look forward to using it very soon.

Messages are going to look quite different. Soon you will be able to recall messages sent to the wrong person and edit out annoying typos that you may have sent – something that we have seen across other platforms and have been waiting on for a seriously long time!

Siri is getting a makeover too, introducing interchangeable dictation that allows you to write using voice control and type at the same time as and when you want to. Thanks to the advance of machine learning, your iPhone will be able to pick up on grammar and tone of voice too.

New and improved, the Privacy and Wallet apps are supplying a higher level of safety to iPhone users. Possibly one of the biggest software developments yet, Safety Check has been introduced for individuals that may find themselves in dangerous or abusive situations. To keep you safe, you’re able to revoke any access that others may have on your iPhone, including your location, passwords, and access to messages. This is certainly a big step in the right direction to keep people safe. The new privacy update will also include improved parental controls.

If you are a frequent user of Apple Pay, you will be interested to hear about Apple Pay Later. A similar concept to ‘Klarna’ – a well-known buy-now-pay-later application, Apple Pay Later allows you to split the cost of your online purchase over four instalments.

Although this product will become big competition for the likes of Klarna, Apple Pay Later has a USP that allows users to have full access to financial information and tracking, all within their Wallet app. However, could this convenient application extension cause trouble for users?

For personal use, new applications including Home and Car Play will be introduced. Users will have complete home access control at the tip of their fingers. Turn your lights off downstairs when you’re upstairs, check the front door is closed without having to get up, and even alter the speakers and change the climate. All of this will be kept in one place under the Home app.

Car Play will work with different car models, such as Audi, Ford, and Mercedes, to integrate your iPhone and adapt to your vehicle’s unique layout. Created to look and feel just like your smartphone, you will be able to use maps, control the radio, whilst Car Play supplies all of the vital info such as fuel level and speed. There is still plenty of work to be done on this new and exciting concept, and we cannot wait to see what it looks like next year upon release!

WatchOS 9

Apple watch owners will have access to more customisation options, improved health metrics and custom workouts for those using the apple watch for fitness. Interestingly, the fitness app can now be found on iPhone too – which is great for those who don’t own an Apple Watch, but still wish to use the application.

A new application, focused solely on your sleep activity, called Sleep Stages will be introduced. Track and analyse your sleeping patterns with ease and be able to monitor heart health whilst asleep too thanks to the one-of-a-kind technology that recognises Atrial fibrillation. Users will also be able to track their use of medication and set reminders for themselves with custom visuals.

MacOS Ventura

Stage Manager will be introduced to macOS Ventura, which helps with the arrangement of windows, moving them to the side for easy access. This will improve productivity when working on projects, as you’re able to conveniently group tabs together that are relevant.

On Mail, you will be able to recall messages, just like on iOS 16, whilst also being able to schedule messages for send out. Safety has also been a big focus for MacOS Ventura – say goodbye to regular passwords and say hello to Pass Keys; a next generation credential system with the aim of making passwords obsolete. Pass Keys uses Face and Touch ID for verification that is stored on the device and not on the internet, rather than relying on a digital password that can be easily phished or leaked.

iPadOS 16

Many of the software developments that we have spoken about so far can luckily be found on iPadOS 16, including Stage Manager – allowing users to create their ideal workspace.

However, a new application called Collaboration will allow users to create, share and collaborate – all in one space. Join together in real-time to edit group documents, brainstorm ideas and create diagrams and doodles without limitations.

We will see new advancements to the world of Gaming too – something that our sister brand TechNET Immersive will likely touch on in the upcoming months, as well as an update to files and display scaling settings.

Across the board, both consumers and Developers can expect to see A LOT of improvements and changes to software developments later this year.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for TechNET Digital’s update on Apple’s new hardware.

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