The 2020 Digital Salary & Insights Guide

Our long-awaited Salary & Insights Guide is finally here!

2021 update: Our 2021 Digital Salary & Insights Guide is now available to download!

We believe it not only provides our clients with top talent but also providing our top talent with the best information, news and insights possible.

In order to bring you this information we’ve clocked hundreds of hours across countless months speaking to 1,000’s of people across the country.

The IT industry shouldn’t evolve around London and so neither did our survey!
We’ve looked at North, South & East & West locations, Permanent professionals & career contractors/freelancers, business & manager hiring FAQs, women & men, juniors and seniors.

So, whether you’re looking for your next job, weighing up a crucial promotion, hiring within your team or just keen to see what’s going on in the market, we’re confident the information we’ve provided should come in handy 😊


Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:

  • Our annual salary survey across all major job types within the digital space.
  • Salary insights for all major jobs, from Software Engineers & UI/UX Designers, through to Solution Architects & Delivery Managers, we’ve covered it, showing which job salaries have increased and which have not
  • The impact of Covid-19
  • Women in tech and the fight for senior management positions
  • Top challenges & goals for businesses who are hiring
  • What do we actually value in our roles?
  • The new job wish list for those seeking a new position
  • Remote working vs office working
  • Age in the workplace

So, what are you waiting for? Pop your details in and get reading!

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