Supplier FAQ

Recruitment Partner F.A.Q

“How do you source your talent?”

We’re an incredibly pro-active agency and thus operate predominantly in the passive sector with some pretty advanced tools.

Well, think of it like an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg, the part we can all see is the “active candidate market”. It’s filled withcandidates fighting over roles and smothering job adverts. Arguably not the best talent in the grand scheme of things. Of course, we use job boards and advertise like everyone else which is fine until you start recruiting for niche skills, rapidly expanding or want certain individuals poached from your competitors. Then we have the passive sector:

This is the huge chunk of the iceberg under the sea. An immensely larger pool of candidates, arguably the highest calibre talent available. This is where we have our most success.

In short, we have some very advanced tools at our disposal and dig 2-3 stages past the norm.

• We can X-ray search GitHub & Stack Overflow profiles.
• Perform advanced head-hunting (we can source talent directly from your competitors) – and no, we don’t just send an Inmail on LinkedIn.
• As LinkedIn Partner we can provide “Insights” on which of your competitors is hiring staff or losing staff (and who to!) and pinpoint your key talent.
• We’re social – we have over 50,000 social LinkedIn followers and we share our job content with these followers at a click of a button, as well as the 500,000+ candidates on our database (through our Mobile App)
• We also use advanced people finders, search video content & social media platforms, attend tech events, the list goes on!

“What are your main areas of delivery within IT “

• Software Engineering / Web / Mobile Development (.Net, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, iOS/Android, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, etc)

• Digital/Design & Marketing: UI/UX, Creative Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology/Mar-tech’

• Cloud & Data: Dev-Ops, Big Data, Cloud, Data Analytics, Data Science, Database

• Architecture & Delivery – Enterprise/Data/Solution/Application Architecture etc, Agile & Business Delivery

“What examples can you give of delivering into these top three delivery areas e.g. role and client?”

TechNET Group has spent the last 15-20 years operating in the capability areas listed above (5 years for Dev-Ops as that’s much newer). Naturally, we have worked with a HUGE number of clients which can’t all be mentioned in this introduction, but our capability stretches from start-up, tech innovators, though to global brands and blue chips.

Software Engineering / Web / Mobile Development
• EasyJet – x5 .Net Developers –
• Citrix – x4 Cloud Engineers, and Citrix/Embedded Software Engineers
• Capita Business Services – 116 introductions (business wide IT)
• Santander – 53 introductions across Delivery, QA/Test, Java & Mobile Development,
• PurpleBricks – x5 .Net Developers
• Wunderman Thompson – 20+ introductions; Opensource, Front-end , Mobile & UX
• Office Depot – (296 introductions to date) SAP, Oracle, Java, Front-end/JavaScript, UX
• Netwealth Investments – x7 .Net Developer
• BI Worldwide – x16 .Net & Front-end Developers

Cloud & Data
• TUI – x2 Data Engineers
• easyJet – Big Data Engineers, x4 Dev-Ops Engineers
• Soundcloud – x2 Data Analyst
• Santander – 10+ introductions for Big Data, ETL Engineers
• Office Depot – (296 introductions to date) > 30+ introductions across Big Data, Data Engineering and Hadoop
• EYC – x7 Data Modellers
• ARM x5 Data Engineers

Digital/Design & Marketing

• Feel Unique – x4 UX Designers
• Rakuten – Built a team x8 Digital Designers
• House of Fraser – Built a team x9 UI/UX Designers
• Office Depot – Built a team x10 UX/UI Designers
• Sports Interactive – Built a team x5 UI/UX Designer Engineers
• Shop Direct – x5 UX Designers
• SuperMassive Games – Built team x6 Game Designers
• Sports Interactive – x6 UI/UX Design Artists
• MelodyVR – x5 Graphic Designers + Motion Graphics
• Dept Agency – Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants
• Ovo Energy – x2 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Manager
• Wunderman Thompson Commerce – x4 Salesforce Developer

Architecture & Delivery
• easyJet – x4 Senior Technology Delivery Managers, x2 Technical/Solutions Architects –
• Dell/EMC – 12 introductions across Project Delivery and Architecture
• Office Depot – (296 introductions to date) approx. 30+ within Project and Programme Managers, Technical & Solutions Architects, Business Analysts,
• Capita Business Services – 116 introductions (business wide IT)
• Xchanging PLC – 47 introduction across Project & Programme Management, Business Analysis + Java, Enterprise, Technical & solution Architecture & Infrastructure

Our Client Testimonials:
• TechNET Digital’s –
• TechNET IT Recruitment –

Our Client Case Studies:
• TechNET Digital –
• TechNET IT Recruitment –

“In your top three areas of delivery how many consultants do you have and how do they work e.g. Contract, permanent or duel desk, technology split or geographic?”

Every consultant is “dual desk” and defined by a technology/vertical market area

• Software Engineering / Web / Mobile Development : 10

• Digital/Design & Marketing: 6
• Cloud & Data: 6
• Architecture & Delivery: 5

“What countries do you operate in?

We use modern digital technology to engage with talent around the world. Anywhere, anytime. Our core locations include UK, Europe and America with an ever-growing presence across the Nordic regions (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Amsterdam) and the Benelux region.

“What are your terms and conditions?

We’re offer Contingent, Recruitment as a Service/RAAS and Retained Search services.

– Our standard terms of business for traditional contingent searches is 20%.
– For bulk/high frequency hiring our RAAS is often more cost effective at 15%
– For high-level strategic retained hiring (C-level exec, for example) our standard fee is 30%

Rebate/Refund period:
We believe an 8 week sliding scale rebate is fair for everyone . As the candidate becomes more ingrained into your business so does the ownership of looking after their interests and success, so at the point the candidate typically passes their probation period, they transition from us – to you.

Free replacement:
As a gesture of goodwill and for peace of mind we offer every client a free replacement. We put a huge amount of work into not only finding someone that matches the skills you want, but matches your culture and values. After all, you’re hiring people NOT robots. However, on some rare occasions things just might not work out for personal reasons out of everyone’s control. In this event we won’t abandon you – we simply ask that you leave the position with us (for an agreed number of weeks) and allow us to find a replacement for you, for free.

“Where are your UK locations and how many consultants are at these offices?”

London (5), Milton Keynes (17) – Cheltenham (15)

“What are your company’s core values?”

We offer a Customer Focused Support Model, 24/7 Sourcing Operations, Competency Based Recruitment, Business Relationship Commitment and Value Beyond Staffing.

1. We get it > Recruitment is no longer one dimensional and neither are we. We understand the
challenges involved in hiring competitive niche sectors and likewise recognize the common
frustrations candidates often feel. We’re paving the way at putting that right.

2. We put you first > We know there’s nothing more frustrating that not hearing back. We pride
ourselves on superior candidate & client care and we’ll keep in touch with you every step of
the way. Whether you’re waiting for CV feedback all the all-important “final decision” you can
trust that our team have always got your back.

3. We’re transparent. > We believe in acting not just a recruitment supplier but a recruitment
partner. Whilst our primary goal is to provide top talent & opportunities we’re also highly
connected in the market and happy to provide you with the clear information you need to
make the right choices. Whether you’re in need or market research such as salary reports &
competitor analyses, or a heads-up on what tech is popular & which events are worth
attending, we’re on hand to offer advice.

“What is your average employee duration of service?”

Working at the TechNET Group is not an open invitation and not for everyone – We have exceptionally high standards and invest an immense ammount of time into our training, thus we hand pick the people WE want to join us.

If consultants manage to pass our training programme, they then need to meet our strict requirements and targets set out over their first 12 months of employment (minus their 12-week training). Only then are they deemed a consultant within our business.

Our average duration for consultants is approx. 3 years.
Our Senior Consultants have an average duration of 5 years