Digital Recruitment 2022 Roundup

Your digital recruitment roundup: Top insights of 2022

When it comes to digital recruitment insights, look no further than our 2022 digital salary survey insights report! With Q4 upon us, it is a great time for reflection. As such, we wanted to share with you the top digital recruitment insights of the year.

From salary benchmarks to what candidates really want, these insights are more important than ever. The cost of living crisis is playing on everyone’s mind of late. As a result, they are really analysing their current careers and how they can get what they really need.

It will be important to use these insights in 2023 – how do you attract the top talent and keep them? We hope our digital recruitment roundup can help you!

Digital salaries increase

2022 was great for digital professionals seeing a rise in their salaries. In fact, 74% of our questionnaire respondents received a pay rise. Furthermore, the average industry salary has increased 19% from 2020, reaching £60,310 in 2022. However, will salary desires change in 2023?

While many people in the last few years have looked beyond salary, there’s a big chance this could change. With the cost of living crisis often in the news, you should understand that candidates will be feeling anxiety from this. Of course, you can offer progression and a great work-life balance. Do not forget that salaries are becoming more competitive and candidates will be attracted to the most reflective salary of their role.

Will remote working continue?

Speaking of the cost of living crisis, will this also affect remote or hybrid working in digital? Many people might fear that bills will be higher if they spend more time working at home. As of 2022, our report revealed 42% of respondents were still fully remote. A further 36% were working a hybrid model, with 1-2 days in the office per week. It will be interesting to see how this changes in 2023. As an employer, have you thought about how to alleviate the fears of employees who don’t want the freedom of hybrid working to be lost? These conversations need to happen, as the cost of living news is playing on the minds of many remote workers.

What do you need to offer candidates and employees?

We have predicted that salary will become more important to candidates in 2023. While it is not in the top 3 essentials in our 2022 report, we have a feeling it will rise up the ranks. Aside from salary, flexible working and working from home were extremely important to our respondents. Lastly, the opportunity to progress shows that candidates want stability in uncertain times. So, what you really need to offer your team and potential employees is stability and confidence that they can thrive in your company.

Looking for more Digital recruitment news?

As we draw closer to 2023, the report will help when you are planning your digital hiring strategies. Of course, it won’t be long until the 2023 edition. If you’re looking for a new role, check out the latest digital jobs. If you are hiring digital talent, submit a vacancy today!