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UX Design Recruitment: Your 2024 hiring priorities

In a digital world, a solid UX Design recruitment strategy is the key to standing out in a competitive space. New technology and customer experience are at the forefront of company strategies in 2024.

Of course, to create memorable journeys for customers, the UX & Design team is integral to success. With design at the forefront of a website or app, the right people are needed to make these a success.

So, how can you ensure your UX & Design hires can join your journey to success? We reveal the 2024 trends and hiring priorities you need to know to hire the best UX designers!

First step – define your UX & Design recruitment needs

With any recruitment process, there is likely going to be plenty of interest in the role. What you don’t want is an influx of CVs that don’t match the requirements of your company.

So, start by aligning the recruitment process with the company objectives. For example, if a website redesign/rebrand is on the horizon, someone with strong project experience in building sites and user experience from the ground up will be a great pick.

If increased revenue is a top business goal, could expanding the team by a certain number be a good objective to keep the website consistent and help that happen? Map out these objectives now to help you make the right hiring decisions in the future. Your job specs will be more targeted and the right candidates will find their way to you.

AR and VR lead the way

As AR and VR technologies become more accessible and mature, UX designers will incorporate immersive experiences into their designs more often. The technology certainly allows designers the capability to create immersive and interactive experiences across various industries. eCommerce, gaming, education, training, tourism…the list goes on. This year is the time to explore your product offering and how these tools can play a part in delighting a wider audience. When planning your UX recruitment strategy, ask questions about this technology and discover how potential employees have used it in their past projects.

Personalisation matters more than ever

Customers/users expect a personalised experience across all touchpoints, including brand websites, emails, apps and social media platforms. To supercharge this technique, we can expect to see brands turn to AI and machine learning to help further improve their personalisation. AI and machine learning algorithms will continue to play a significant role in understanding user behaviour and preferences, enabling highly personalised and contextually relevant user experiences. This could range from content recommendations, product choices, predictive analytics and user feedback analysis to help further improve the individual experience. So, think about this when hiring within the design team – who can bring a personalised approach by adopting AI methods?

UX should tell a story across all channels and devices

In many cases, the website will be the first port of call for a new user. Therefore, it acts as the foundation of your brand story and identity. This needs to be conveyed across all devices and channels so that the customer feels familiarity at every touchpoint. UX & Design professionals should be able to identify the key trends that will help this happen in 2024.

Trends on the rise include…

  • Minimal designs to create a less intrusive customer experience – the fewer pop-ups the better
  • Rich storytelling – let customers into your world
  • Increased video content
  • Bold colours
  • Animated elements

Helping your UX Design recruitment in 2024

There is a lot to digest in the world of UX. That’s why identifying the skills you need is the first step to success. We are here to help you secure the very best talent to help your projects hit the mark. Submit your vacancies today and we will happily jump on a call to discuss your recruitment needs.