Streaming Service Hulu is Making a Documentary On Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg has taken the world by storm when back in August 2018 a photo of her sitting outside parliament in protest went viral. Now, in 2019 Hulu is creating a documentary highlighting her journey as an activist.



Recently crowned Time person of the year, although some have felt the Hong Kong protesters should have been bestowed this title, Greta was met with support from influential people, the likes of Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGenerous and, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio in the fight against climate change.



The documentary is expected to highlight the chronical of Greta’s mission to raise awareness of climate change and hold the government and big corporations to account. Her approach has been met with mixed reactions, some feeling she doesn’t have a grasp of the immense political complexity she hopes will eventually refocus its resources in tackling climate change. Others, however. feel she is building the necessary platform to raise awareness and encourage people to make personal habitual changes in their lives that, may have been contributing to climate change, such as riding bikes instead of cars and taking less flight travels.

Regardless of your thoughts on Greta, we cannot deny that she has made a significant impact and for this reason Hulu is working on a documentary on her which will premiere on its streaming platform in March 2020.