Our new office is here!

Ever since the formation of our company in 2001, we have witnessed TechNET grow over the years through our incredible team of dedicated players – who all share the same passion and vision – to provide the very best recruitment services within the tech industry. And because of this we are proud to share with you our brand new head office!


A place of comfort


We believe that where you work impacts how you work –

that’s why we took the approach of delivering a relaxed environment to our team, where they can freely express themselves and enjoy a place of refuge in what is a highly demanding industry. With this in mind we have designed an entertainment room with a pool table, table tennis and gaming.



Our Office

Our office environment also offers a spacious and well lit space with the latest technology, giving everyone the best tools to deliver and provide an excellent service.


Meeting spaces

The meeting spaces is where great minds come together and formulate new ideas and visions to broaden our scope and potential as a company. It is here where everyone has an opportunity to express their thoughts and challenges, and come up with new ways of taking things to the next level!