Nreal Light – Small and Compact Streamlined Mixed-Reality Glasses

Nreal opens the door to the possibility of mixed reality becoming an everyday application, given its design and discretion when compared to the Holo lens and Magic leap, which is more bulky and tends to draw unwanted attention. The low-profile mixed reality glasses almost look and feel like ordinary glasses, so you can use them unobtrusively.

Despite its size and compactness it does not lose out much when it comes to the ‘specs’ (get it?). It offers 1080p laser projections (up to 60fps) and a combined light guide 52-degree filed of view, which surprisingly beats the Magic Leap, and 6 degrees of movement tracking. It weighs a mere 88 grams, which is not much different to the weight of ordinary glasses, and comes with a computing unit using android operating system. Nreal can also be tethered to a smartphone, allowing you to truly experience Mixed Reality on-the-go.

Company: nreal