Introducing Gen Z’s new favourite social media app: BeReal

Allow us to introduce the latest social media app that every young person is talking about – BeReal! With a 315% increase in downloads for 2022 as released by Apptopia, with at least 65% of lifetime uploads happening within the first quarter of 2022 also, this app is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its spontaneity and un-filtered culture.

What is it?

You may be wondering what ‘BeReal’ is! Unlike most other social media platforms, BeReal is looking to promote a less time-consuming and less pressurised online environment for users. It works by sending out notifications to its users at the same time of the day, asking them to post a picture of what they are doing in that exact moment – no matter how exciting or boring that may be!

Why use it?

With a target audience of college and university students, the app allows users to be able to see what their friends are up to in their every day lives, without filters or third-party apps involved.

College student ‘Meredith Mueller’ downloaded the app after hearing about it from her roommate and has described BeReal as a “down-to-earth app” offering a “judgment-free zone.” BeReal appears to offer a totally unique experience to young people who are usually exposed to highly edited and filtered media.

You could say that BeReal is bringing instant messaging to life, pushing users to post within a two-minute time frame. However, could BeReal be the end of instant messaging or is it just a gateway into a more realistic online experience?