Hiring Digital Talent - Employee Goals

Hiring digital talent: understanding employee goals

If you are hiring digital talent, and want to retain staff, you need to understand their career goals. If you are a manager, have you ever asked your team what they strive for? Remember, they have goals outside of work that matter. However, these will usually be closely tied to their work-life. Therefore, employees need their digital job to be more than something that pays the bills.

To better your talent attraction and retention strategy, you need to have these conversations with staff. If you don’t allow candidates and employees to see where they are headed, you will likely lose out on great talent. Using our 2022 digital salary survey & insights report, we will reveal what our respondents listed as their goals for the year.

Every individual will have their own goals. However, seeing the top goals from our respondents puts things into perspective. Explore the top digital career goals of 2022 – they will really help when you are hiring digital talent!

The top digital career goals

It’s time to find out what our respondents picked as their main digital career goals for the year ahead…

Career progression/Promotion

59% of respondents said promotion or progression was most important to them in 2022. After the pandemic, employees knew they had to make up for lost time. After all, COVID-19 did stall career development for so many digital professionals. So, your employees must know what direction they are heading. Furthermore, this should be communicated to potential candidates too. In all recruitment processes, make it a key part of your employer branding.

Learn new skills

51% of respondents want to learn new skills this year. Of course, this is closely linked to career progression above. Once again, ensure employees feel like they can develop in the company. Even employees who have been in your team for a long time will want to try new things. If training is difficult internally, there are so many skills courses you can encourage your team to try or even sponsor. You should also clearly outline all training and development procedures to candidates too!

Create a better work-life balance

42% of respondents want to create a better work-life balance. While this has decreased from 2021, it looks like there is still work to do. Work-life balance in can be tricky in such a fast-paced industry like digital. While hybrid working is on the rise, there is still more you can do as a manager. Are you making sure remote workers are not overworking? You must show that your company cares for employees well being and that you never encourage overtime.

Helping you hire digital talent

If you are hiring digital talent, submit your vacancy and we will be in touch. Should you want more employee insights, download a free copy of the full digital salary survey report today!