Digital Recruitment Salary Expectations

Digital Recruitment: Understanding employee salary expectations

To plan a successful digital recruitment strategy, it’s important to know the salary expectations of digital professionals. Are they happy with what they earn? Are they confident in the company and its payment progression? Thanks to the respondents to our 2024 digital salary survey report, we have the answers!

Over the years, salary has increasingly ranked higher as essential for people when evaluating digital jobs. This trend suggests that people are becoming more open about earning expectations and anticipate similar openness from their employers. So, let’s see what our respondents had to say.

Digital Salary Expectations in 2024

It is vital to know the latest salary expectations if you want to attract and retain the very best digital talent. These exclusive stats will paint a picture of the current sentiments in the industry!

What salary increase do professionals expect this year?

Amid economic uncertainty, are people optimistic about receiving a significant pay increase this year, or do they have doubts?

  • Less than 5% increase: 38%
  • 5% increase: 19%
  • 10% increase: 19%
  • 15% increase: 6%
  • More than 15% increase: 18%

The expectations are varied, though most respondents don’t expect more than a 5% increase in salary this year. Furthermore, our annual salary review revealed that 54% had received a pay rise in the previous 12 months. Interestingly, 18% expect more than a 15% pay rise – will they be receiving this in their current company or looking for pastures new?

How happy are professionals with their current salary?

Digital salary happiness

Are people expecting a lower pay increase because they’re happy with their salary? Perhaps they are not raising the subject until later when they feel it’s time to discuss more money. We asked respondents to rank their salary happiness out of ten.

With the average score only just passing the halfway mark, there is room for improvement. It indicates that management needs to take the lead in salary discussions, making sure employees are satisfied with their remuneration. Incorporating these salary discussions into performance reviews can motivate employees and demonstrate that progression is achievable. Speaking of pay progression, let’s delve into our next exclusive statistic!

How do professionals rate their current salary progression plan?

Digital Salary progression plan

Digital professionals have rated their company pay progression plan relatively low, despite being in an industry ripe with growth and opportunities. So, what’s behind this lukewarm rating?

The statistics above show that not enough people are happy with their current salary and don’t expect a significant pay rise this year. As such, there is simply no faith in the salary progression plan. Employees can absolutely raise these concerns, however a clear progression plan should be in place. It makes a huge difference when attracting talent.

Internally, discontentment will grow if employees are unhappy with the potential to increase their salary in their current business. Furthermore, these concerns can lead to a dropoff in employee retention, with professionals seeking better compensation elsewhere.

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