Digital Contractors - Top destinations for digital nomads

Digital Contractors – the top destinations for digital nomads

Digital contractors have the world in their hands! The rise of digital nomads has become a popular subject in the last few years. Many freelancers/contractors have found themselves visiting new destinations, now that remote and flexible working is so widely accepted.

It really does signal a new age for the way we work. The digital industry has always allowed the capabilities to work from home or from a different destination. Only now are we truly embracing it. So, we got to thinking about the top locations for digital nomads in 2023.

Digital nomads in 2023

The movement is certainly growing, with 35 million people labelling themselves as digital nomads as of 2023. According to research from Two Tickets Anywhere, the top fields for these travelling digital contractors include software development, web development, marketing and start-up founders. Furthermore, 68% of digital nomads say the freedom of this lifestyle is appealing to them, with a further 48% wishing to avoid office politics.

In our 2023 digital salary survey & insights report, we could see how important flexibility was to our respondents. 57% shared that remote working opportunities were a big draw for them if they were choosing between more than one role. In fact, this was the top-ranking answer overall. 44% also said flexible hours were important. It is clear to see the desire in digital professionals to embrace flexibility, with the goal of massively increasing their productivity.

Top 5 destinations for digital contractors 

The beauty of this approach to work is that it is totally up to the individual. Of course, they have to factor in time zones that suit them but ultimately, the ball is in their court. Here are 5 destinations that continue to grow in popularity.


A beautiful and diverse country, Portugal offers many different experiences. The top location, unsurprisingly, is Lisbon. Porto is a close second, while the more rural and picturesque Algarve is also attracting many digital contractors with its coastal beauty.


If innovation is key in the digital industry, then Germany is the place to be. Without a doubt, Berlin is the top attraction, with its focus on start-ups and technology. Hamburg has also seen huge growth in areas like FinTech and eCommerce. 

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is truly embracing the power of tech! With fantastic networking opportunities and plenty to see, it’s a no-brainer for digital contractors. Rotterdam is known as the ‘gateway to Europe’, and is home to several incubators and accelerators. Meanwhile, Amsterdam is home to many big brand HQs including Netflix and Adidas.


One of the more exotic destinations, though it’s one digital nomads are taking the opportunity to visit. The island has shown an openness to digital contractors, having proposed the 5-year Bali Digital Visa. While this has yet to fully surface, remote workers can still enjoy up to 60 days in paradise.

Mexico City

A very popular choice, especially for contractors from the USA (who make up a large percentage of the digital nomad community.) With fantastic living and working opportunities, it really is a cultural haven that is high on the list of many digital professionals who are travelling the world.

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