Bebo is making a comeback to offer users “real time” interactions

Back when times were simple, Bebo was one of the go-to social media platforms of the early 00’s and was one of the first social media platforms to really take off alongside MySpace, boasting 40 million users at its peak. Now, they are making a comeback with the hopes of rivalling social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Bebo (acronym for “blog early, blog often”) plans to relaunch the platform with the aim of “real time” interactions between friends and moving away from the traditional news feed adopted by twitter and Facebook.

Michael Birch, Bebo’s co-founder, feels this will provide users with a “refreshing break” from the misinformation spread elsewhere and offer a better way to interact with your friends.

What made Bebo stand out was its customizability and ability to tailor your profile to your liking. Users could change their theme skin and award a limited number of “luv” (represented by love hearts) to other users on the platform. You could also create a “top 16” ranking system which users can place their friends in order of preference on their profile.

Whether Bebo will continue to adopt these features is yet to be seen and information is currently limited.

Mr Birch hopes a mix of nostalgia and curiosity will attract enough early adopters to let people find friends on the regenerated site to interact with.