Candidate Testimonials

It was really nice working with Helen. Perfect combination of helping friend and professional recruiter. I have interacted with very few recruiters like her who take profession to other level .Many thanks Helen.

Ami V

Thanks to Helen, I was able to complete my career u-turn, from a Mech Engineer in the construction industry to a Product Owner in the Tech industry. No other recruiter would give me a chance due to my lack in experience, but Helen looked past my ‘direct experience’ and saw my enthusiasm and potential.

Helen knew the company well, understood exactly what they were after and found the perfect fit. She was extremely personable and informative throughout the whole process, ensuring i was always up to speed whilst understanding my current work load.

Would 100% recommend! Thanks again!

Cameron B

Helen reached out to me on LinkedIn with a job vacancy that perfectly matched my skills. Unlike nearly every other recruiter I’ve encountered on this platform, Helen doesn’t take a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” philosophy. Instead, she plays to candidate’s strengths to get the best out of them, ensuring everyone is happy. On top of her professional skills as a recruiter, she is also a lovely and enthusiastic person, kindly and patently answering my annoying questions and being there every step of the process. I don’t say this lightly, but Helen is probably the best recruiter I’ve ever used. Highly recommended! Would use again!

Alan K

Helen is an absolute pleasure to work with. Exceptionally hardworking and incredibly passionate. Clearly has a genuine passion to help. Thanks to Helen I managed to secure a wonderful job. I’ve already recommended Helen and Technet to others.

Amy L

Helen was a pleasure to work with! She is enthusiastic, helpful andpassionate about what she does. It has been a smooth processfrom start to finish and I thank her greatly for assisting me!

Daniela C

Thanks to Helen great professionalism I am moving to a greatopportunity! Sometimes it can be very stressful when in a transitionprocess to another job but Helen has made it very smooth whichjust enriched my experience. I would advise anyone get in touchwith her for your next career move as you will be in great hands!

Alex E

Throughout the recruitment process, Nathan showed excellent professionalism from start to finish and unlike some recruiters, Nathan treated me as an individual and not just some name in a database. I am now very happy in my new job thanks to Nathan’s hard work. Aaron Stanley Nathan was there through every stage of my application, from going through my CV to giving me all the info I could use and need before the interview, ensuring I was a right fit for the job and increasing the potential for success. He was certainly a driving force behind securing my current role and wouldn’t think twice about using his help in apply for any roles in the future or contacting him should I ever be in the position of needing to hire staff myself. Chris Johnson When I originally spoke to Nathan I had given up on my job search as no one had been able to find me the right role. Nathan contacted me with 2 possible roles and convinced me not to give up on my job hunt. Off the back of our conversation I agreed to apply for one of the roles. He explained the interview process clearly and provided great details about the role. Nathan was amazingly quick to respond to me throughout the interview process with advice and encouragement and was very efficient when it came to communicating between myself and the company I was applying for. In the end Nathan found the right role for me which fitted all my needs and wants. I love my new role. Thanks Nathan,

Josef Saxon

Nathan is a real recruiter! He loves what he is doing. From the very first moment his approach, professionalism and his ability of empathy impressed me. He helped me enhancing my CV and gave me valuable advice on how should I talk in an interview. I never felt alone throughout the whole process. His encouragement before my job interview meant a lot to me. There are no words to express my respect to him. Now I have the job of my dreams and a friend.

Chousein M. Chousein

Nathan is extremely professional. He analyses each single line that you put on your CV and find the perfect job for your skills. After a quick phone interview where Nathan has introduced job position and company, He has fixed an Interview with the company same day. In my personal job hunting experience, I strongly recommend him, if you are really looking for a job that meets your needs. Michelangelo Franco I have worked with Nathan on numerous occasions and on each and every campaign his professionalism and attention to my exact requirements have always stood out. His personality and approach to recruitment allow him to understand people, which has resulted in him being at the forefront of recent campaigns and supplying unique and high calibre talent thats always valued. Nathan always finds unique talented people, not just buzz words on a CV, and most of all….delivers!

Sammie Fung

Nathan put a lot of time and effort into working with my most recent hire to ensure he was prepared for the role and the workshop-style interview we operate to select highest calibre candidates. My candidate has now settled in to his role and was able to hit the ground running thanks to his ability, and Provide’s meticulous preparation. Well done Nathan!

Chris Farnath

Nathan contacted me about a project with a major digital consultancy. He had a professional approach and kept me informed through the process and thereafter. He was knowledgeable about his client and is someone I’d recommend keeping in contact with.

Umer Saqib

Nathan secured a permanent Software Developer Role with a leading London based company. Nathan was diligent in his approach, and negotiated a very good employment package. I would highly recommend Nathan.

Kevin Jokhoo

Nathan, as a consultant , has a clear idea on what a job requirement role/responsibilities are, and is able to pick and choose the right eligible prospective resources for the same. He is one of the few among many consultants I have seen,who has a quick turn-around time as far as any stage in the whole process of placement is concerned. I would definitely recommend his work to anyone who would be in need.

Rohith Tiru

I would highly recommend Nathan as a recruiter. I have always found Nathan very easy to talk to, he has a thorough understanding of the UK IT market and ensures that you are well prepared for that all important interview. Most importantly he does what he says he will do and this integrity is very important. He is a first rate recruitment consultant, very focused, connected and knowledgeable about the market.

Igor Colombo

Nathan does a great job of searching for and finding candidates that match our requirements. I would definitely recommend him.

Stuart Prestedge

Nathan has an organised and professional approach to recruitment and always ensures that you are kept informed at all stages of the process. His attention to detail and comprehensive interview preparation make a massive difference to any candidate. Nathan also combines his professionalism with a personal touch making him a first class recruitment specialist. I would not hesitate to engage Nathan for future recruitment services.

Chris Colebrook

Nathan does exactly what a recruiter should do – understand what an employer wants and find candidates who have the required skills and want to work in that kind of job. He genuinely wants to get candidates jobs that they will be enthusiastic about and enjoy. Matthew Walton Nathan has been a tremendous asset in both preparing and aiding my transition to a new role. His input helped me focus and get the most out of my C.V and was able to really boost my confidence in going into an interview. The way he presented himself throughout the duration of our communication was professional, with a personal touch. Always able to offer the right advice about whatever situation was put forward. He has an eye for detail, and really knows how to sell his clients in a positive and professional way.

Ciaran Moore

Nathan was outstanding and helped me to be well prepared for interview. He provided everything I needed to make the process smooth and made sure the role matched my skills and requirements before putting the wheels in motion. He is as a highly personable recruiter who goes the extra mile. I would thoroughly recommend him and will definitely make him my first port of call if I ever need his services again.

Phillip Riscombe-Burton

Nathan has been very helpful in finding a good .Net role with Alphatec Ltd for me. He has good attention to detail on what a job seeker would be expecting in their next role. I would consult him again if I need to find an appropriate .Net development role in the future. Hari B. Nathan shows a great deal of professionalism in his work. His approach in helping me gain employment from start to finish was of the highest quality and in the future if I needed to seek further employment I would not hesitate making Narthan my first port of call.

claude campbell

From the beginning of the recruitment process, Nathan stood out as a professional interested in a successful match rather than just a quick finder’s fee. With the backing of a solid team he delivered a conscientious service with a helpful and appropriate number of touch-points. I was pleased to have the opportunity to discuss all topics openly and frankly with Nathan and was confident in his ability to represent my views and aspirations. It is my pleasure to recommend Nathan and I would definitely contact him for recruiting new hires in the future. Jon Randall Nathan helped me in finding a job, he was very easy to communicate and demonstrated high efficiency throughout the recruitment process. He gave me plenty of advice throughout the entire process as well as answering all my queries both during and after the recruitment process. I would definitely recommend Nathan for consulting and recruiting.

Ashvin Tam

Nathan managed expectations professionally throughout the process of assisting me with my job search and stayed in regular contact. He was to the point, listened, friendly, I found him to be informative and knowlegable, he thought out-of- the-box and managed to get things done quickly and professionally.

Soujanya Chittumalla

Nathan helped me in finding a new job, he showed high professionalism and efficiency in recruitment. He is too quick in assessing job seekers requirement and finding an exact position that suites them. I would highly recommend him for Consulting and Recruiting, and I really appreciate him for his wonderful response throughout the recruitment process.

Raghu Gattapur

Nathan went beyond the call of duty to secure my role, constantly available even at weekends. If you’re looking for a committed recruiter to help secure a fantastic position then Nathan is your guy. Christopher Rankin Nathan was both pleasant to deal with and very efficient in the way he dealt with queries. I would have no issues about using his skills in helping me to find a job in the future Tahir Malik I’ve worked with Nathan (and Massimo) from Provide and several other recruiters for several years now. I always prefer to do business with Provide because off the energy they put into their campaigns and above all how they manage the process with complete transparency, honesty, and integrity. They really do make a genuine effort to understand my requirements and find the right candidates. I have no hesitation in recommending Nathan.

Darren McLeod

Hi, I like to share few things about Nathan. He is extremely professional. He analyses each and every skills that you put on your CV. If he decides that you are perfect fit for the position, then the job is yours 🙂 In my personal job hunting experience, I strongly recommend him, if you are really looking for a job. Guess what? I got an ideal job. Thanks Nathan!


Nathan helped me find a job opportunity really close to my home and one that was related to my role. He was very professional, advised me and helped me through the full process. I highly recommend his friendly services.

Muhammed Khalifa

Nathan took the trouble to find out exactly what I was looking for in my next role then carefully assessed me for the role he put me forward for. He also did sufficient research on things like likely commute and was good at keeping me advised of all stages of the process. He was gently persuasive rather than pushy and the role he put me forward for (which I accepted) was the best match of any of the roles have been put forward for. I’d gladly recommend Nathan if you are looking for a new role.

Ian Jagger