Work-life balance in digital

Work-life balance – is it achievable in the digital industry?

Are professionals working in the digital industry happy with their work-life balance? We are seeing hybrid working continue to flourish. So, you might think that achieving a good balance between work and home is easier than ever.

We have already delved into workplace happiness in the digital industry. A big part of this comes from the ability to switch off from work duties. Are digital professionals doing this?

You might say that remote working blurs the line between work and play. If you’re a hiring manager, you must understand that team sentiment is at the heart of your employer branding. Positive feedback towards their working environment shows potential candidates how happy the staff are. Let us see the current feelings toward work-life balance, using our 2022 digital salary survey & insights report!

Are digital professionals satisfied with their work-life balance?

The digital world is fast-paced, collaborative and competitive. Surely this makes it easy for employees to strike the balance?

  • 81% of our respondents are happy with their work-life balance
  • 19% of our respondents are not satisfied

From 2021, this is a positive improvement with a 5% increase in those who are happy. Furthermore, there is a decrease in those who are not satisfied. Do you think your balance between work and home has improved? With the rise of hybrid working, it is clear it has given digital professionals more freedom in their life.

HIRING TIP: The improvement you see above should long continue! Have regular check-ins with your team, be it in person or remotely. Ensure they are not burning out and encourage them to take time for themselves.

Can management do more to encourage a healthy balance?

When working hours are over, you will often find people still cannot switch off. Perhaps unanswered emails are playing on the mind, or a big project is taking its toll. However, management should be taking steps to avoid employee burnout. We asked our respondents if they felt their company and managers are doing this.

77% believed their company was doing enough to prioritise the work-life balance in the organisation. While 23% disagreed, it is another improvement from the 2021 survey, echoing the statistics above.

We also asked respondents if they felt their direct management can do more to encourage this. 73% said yes, while 27% were happy with their managers approach to work-life balance. As a digital leader, do you feel this is a fair assessment? If you want to know how your team feels, be transparent and discuss this topic.

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We hope the latest digital hiring insights have given you plenty to discuss within your leadership teams. For even more details from the industry, you can get your hands on a free copy of the 2022 report.