The future of SOS: Apple Watch fall detection feature saves lives

Apple Watch’s fall detection feature has been credited once again in the news when a 70-year-old retired administrative consultant fainted and hit his head on the floor.

Dan Pfau talked about how the watch’s miraculous technology had saved him once previously before two years ago. He was successfully rescued following a bicycle accident after his Apple Watch called the emergency services.

This time Pfau’s history of fainting spell’s almost cost him his life. Following the fall, he tapped the screen to let the watch know he was ‘OK’, he then realised he needed help and used Siri to dictate a message to his wife. Although he ended up in hospital with a fractured vertebra, technology saved this man’s life.

The Apple Watch fall detection feature initially came with the Series 4, and it detects whether the user had a hard fall. If the individual doesn’t reply in 45 seconds, the Watch sends a message to a favourite contact and dials emergency services.

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Talk about motivation to walk to work in the morning knowing you’re safe with fall detection! Do you own an Apple watch?

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