Digital Recruitment Process - Time Management

The Digital Recruitment Process: Time Management 101

When it comes to your digital recruitment process, you probably have plenty on your plate. Hiring digital talent is a competitive task after all. How can you make time for the hiring process?

We’ve put together our very own ‘Time Management 101’ – a simple guide to show you ways to save time. With little time, you probably won’t make sensible decisions. However, these quick tips are guaranteed to get you on the road to hiring success.

Making time for the digital recruitment process – our top tips

Be clear about what is achievable

We understand that you will have loads to think about. Your existing team members require support and you have your own workload. Setting unrealistic goals of a quick hiring process will actually be more of a hindrance. Therefore, you need to understand what is achievable in regards to each step of the process. For example, how quickly can you sort through CV’s? Knowing your limits will save you time in the long run!

Identifying the employee you need

A key part of the recruitment process is understanding what gaps there are in the team. Are there specific tasks you identify as not being done? This will then allow you to search for a candidate with these specific skills. The clearer the job spec, the more time you will save. It means candidates will be able to show their competency in key skills and requirements, allowing for a targeted interview process.

Digital recruitment process timelines

Timelines and expectations are important in the process. This is particularly important if you are working with a recruitment agency. Work together to set a time when the first shortlist of CV’s are ready. Make sure you have time already set aside following this, dedicating it to looking through these submissions. Choose specific times for each stage of the process, agreeing this with recruiters and those interviewing the candidates. While it is not always possible, getting phone and face to face interviews done in one day massively saves time. Furthermore, all of the candidates will be fresh in your mind.

Forget the idea of the ‘perfect’ candidate

Be sure to set a deadline once expectations and timelines are in place. Many hiring managers tend to prolong the process because they have not yet found the perfect candidate. Once you have a shortlist, understand that the ideal person is there – applying the word ‘perfect’ to this process will promote indecision.

Can we streamline your digital hiring process?

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