digital recruitment in start-ups

Digital Recruitment in start-ups – our advice

Digital recruitment in start-ups can be a very tricky task to navigate. Just like the journey to Series A funding, there are bound to be many obstacles in your way.

The draw of working in a start-up has really grown in the last five years. Many digital professionals are attracted to the fast pace and the excitement. However, this doesn’t mean they are the right fit for this environment. On the other side of the coin, there are others who want to work for established brands. The legacy that is already in place shows more stability to them.

So, striking the balance between attracting the best talent and making sure they are the right culture fit is not easy. Are you hiring talent for your start-up team? At TechNET Digital, recruitment within start-ups across many sectors is something we do every day. We want to share some advice to overcome some start-up recruitment obstacles!

How do you identify the right culture fit?

Start-ups are built by the people involved early on…it’s as simple as that! However, can you really establish a solid culture early into the adventure. Culture comes with time, but you can start laying the foundations right away. Don’t think solely about the skills of the person. Think about cultivating an environment where everyone can be themselves. Those in the creative teams will have very different personalities to those in analytical or tech roles.

Having an open and honest environment at the start will show who will be empowered to solider on and who is struggling. If you look for positive and agile individuals, you’re starting in the right place.

Where to look…it’s time to think outside the box

So you’re working in the digital industry…you surely go online for your recruitment needs? Not quite – it’s time to go back to basics. LinkedIn is of course a great avenue to get your brand out there and network with talent. However, in today’s world, thinking outside of the box means a return to tried and tested methods of days gone by. There are still so many events for companies, including start-ups, to set up shop for the day and engage with graduates and bright talent.

One example is Siliconmilkroundabout! This free networking event spans two days, uniting great brands and tech talent. If you’re not engaging with people at these kind of events, you are seriously missing out. You can also look closer to home. Your current team, no matter how small, will have countless connections to recommend. After all, it is a team effort. So, keep the whole team in the loop on your latest hiring plans because they can likely help you.

Digital nomads – a rising group of talent

Post-pandemic, the number of people travelling as they work has grown significantly. Have you considered tapping into this creative pool of talent? You might think that for total collaboration, you want your team present in the office. It’s time to embrace the mindset that remote working isn’t just a perk for employees.

In fact, it is an opportunity for positive change in your team. From an operational perspective, it’s time to map out what remote working will look like in your business. After all, many digital professionals will be drawn to a role that not only offers remote working opportunities but does it in a way that everyone still thrives. With digital nomads in particular, their creativity and ideas that come from their travels mean they can bring a much wider view to the table.

Don’t focus on digital recruitment when it’s time to hire only

In start-ups, you might think to put all your focus into your recruitment strategy only when there is a vacancy to fill. Wrong! You need to have your process mapped out so that there is a standard to follow for every hire. Haphazard recruitment will not result in the best talent. Start with the key roles – who will you be hiring first. Then, set your timelines and a guide on how your business will screen CV’s. When you are constantly nurturing your recruitment process, you will find it much easier to nurture new and existing team members!

Helping start-ups with their digital recruitment

If you’re a start-up leader who is looking for fresh talent, we are here to help. Head over to our client page, where you can submit your vacancy and start your conversation with our team!