Digital Marketing Recruitment Trends

Digital Marketing Recruitment – trends to watch for your hiring strategy

What are your digital marketing recruitment plans? The digital industry continues to grow, meaning competition for attracting and retaining customers is at an all-time high. In 2024, company strategies prioritise innovation, emerging technology, and enhancing customer experience.

All of this cannot be achieved without the input of a first-class digital marketing team. To do this, teams must be adaptable and keep up with emerging trends to apply these to the overall company strategy.

So, we wanted to explore the growing marketing trends of 2024 and how these can give you guidance on the digital marketing hires you should make this year.

The power of social media influencers

Social media continues to dominate within the digital world. Given customers’ ability to shop on their preferred platforms, what’s the next strategic move for your social media strategy? If you haven’t already, integrating influencer marketing and forming partnerships could significantly enhance your reach and engagement.

Influencer marketing grew by 29% in 2023, becoming a $21.1 billion industry. When influencers endorse a product or service, their audience is inclined to trust their recommendation, resulting in increased conversion rates for digital brands. Furthermore, the rise of live streaming/shopping, where influencers give a demonstration of products allows for instant purchases. This engagement should not be ignored…does your digital marketing team have influencer experts on board? If not, perhaps it’s a strategy worth looking at!

AR is attracting more customers than ever before

Traditional in-store shopping is no longer the primary method for consumers. However, this shift eliminates the sensory experience of selecting new products, whether it’s clothing or furniture. With the rise of augmented reality (AR), many companies aim to replicate the in-store experience for customers in the comfort of their homes.

A survey by ConsumerX revealed that 35.6% of respondents (the highest score) would want their favourite brands to incorporate AR. The likelihood of a customer purchasing a product IS 19.8% higher than customers who did not use AR. Of course, not all marketers will have the technical know-how to incorporate AR. However, they will be able to project the brand tone of voice and story, working closely with teams to deliver an overall innovative customer experience.

Empowering the business with insights

Should you be hiring people with experience in AI methodologies? The best way to succeed in marketing is to use the customer data to enhance the strategy. Many marketing professionals are already using AI for data analysis.

It enables marketers to quickly identify customer trends and create actionable insights that can be promptly implemented. With more effective campaigns, comes more company success. Perhaps you can start conversations this year about AI and how potential candidates have used it successfully in the past.

Trust begins with familiarity and personalisation

In 2024, familiarity and personalisation will create invaluable customer trust. Across all channels, they should recognise your tone of voice, branding, visuals and products. Marketers who have experience in UX, or can reliably communicate with UX & Design teams, will be a big draw this year. Trends on the rise include minimal designs, rich storytelling, increased video content and animated elements.

An additional benefit is having a marketer skilled in utilising personalisation to capture customer attention, enhancing the overall experience. With customers now anticipating personalised interactions across various touchpoints like brand websites, emails, apps, social media platforms, and even physical stores, this skill is becoming increasingly valuable.

Helping your digital marketing recruitment in 2024

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