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Company culture in digital: 2022 insights

Is company culture in digital a priority when hybrid working is so prominent? In our 2022 digital salary survey report, company culture is one of the key topics. It’s important for digital team leaders to know this information. If you are a digital leader, we have the insights just for you!

Digital is such a fast-paced industry. With more people working remotely, are we taking the time to evaluate company culture? We asked our 2022 respondents a few questions on this topic. Do they think it is a priority in 2022? What do they feel makes a good team culture? Well, we are about to find out!

The importance of company culture in digital teams

As an digital manager, what do you think the most important approach to company culture is? An appealing culture that attracts fresh digital talent or creating an environment that current employees thrive in? The answer should be yes to both of these…they go hand in hand. If the existing team are happy, then you are already on the right track. If not, it will be difficult to attract and retain talent.

Do respondents feel company culture is a priority?

Let’s move on to what actual digital professionals had to say. Of course, our respondents come from a range of industries and brands within digital. However, it is interesting to see if there are any patterns in their collective thinking.

  • Yes, company culture is a priority in my current role: 66%
  • No, not enough is being done to prioritise a better company culture: 34%

It’s great to see the majority do feel culture is being addressed. What more can be done for the 34% who do not share these sentiments?

TIP: As a manager, have you ever asked this question? It’s beneficial to sit down with the team and with each individual. Get an idea of how everyone feels and it can help identify issues you might not have known about.

What makes a good team culture?

Everyone is different. Some people will thrive in certain environments, while others will prefer something else. So, it’s a tricky balance to strike within a diverse team. What do our digital survey respondents think are the key factors in a great company culture? (Note: we invited respondents to pick their top 3, so totals below do not equal 100.)

Company Culture in Digital Graph

As we can see, honesty & transparency tops the poll. This is something for the whole team, not just management. Emphasis on employee wellness has seen quite an increase. This is not entirely surprising. With more people working remotely, more needs to be done to address everyone’s needs. Even if they are not in the office.

Have a look through this list…do any options stand out as something your leadership teams do well? Perhaps there is something there you could work on further. As these insights are from digital professionals, it’s important to consider them.

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