James Gunning (FIRP)

European Business Development Director

After graduating from university with a degree in Law, James spent three years as an insurance broker working at Lloyds of London in the Far East Marine market, handling a portfolio worth upwards of £8 billion.

Following a successful career at Lloyds of London, James made a move into recruitment, having secured a trainee recruitment position with a large and dynamic recruitment company. After spending three years within this company, James rapidly rose through the ranks, effectively managing a new Thames Valley office.

Due to his growing reputation for excellence, James was head hunted to start a new Contract Recruitment desk for a competitor. Tasked with creating a new team around him, and working exclusively within the contract market, after the first six months James had recruited and trained a successful team, increasing the company profits by 66% in the first year. Thereafter James was promoted to Managing Director, overseeing a team of 48 people with an annual turnover of £50 million.

Eventually the penny dropped, and James realised it was his moment to shine. He subsequently went on to form TechNET Digital Recruitment Ltd. James has been pivotal in the growth and success of TechNET Digital. From training and mentoring new consultants, to now being accountable for the strategic direction of the company, and the exploration of potential new markets, James is instrumental at all levels of the business.

James is justly proud of his achievements to date, and feels that this is just the tip of the iceberg with many great years ahead. He is looking forward to the future of TechNET Digital and its continued success, along with his business partner, directors, management team and recruiters.

On the softer side James enjoys family life as well as a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude, and he likes to play golf, rugby and has a keen interest in motor sport.